Mesereau, Geragos, Deutsch Talk Celebrity Trials Nov 20 2005

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~ READINGS, ETC. ~ Witness This. You have the right to remain famous! Finally, a way for average Joes and Janes to get the inside scoop on celebrity trials. Join Michael Jackson’s attorney…, Tom Mesereau; Scott Peterson and Winona Rider’s attorney, Mark Geragos; Robert Blake’s attorney, Gerald M. Schwartzbach; and Associated Press legal correspondent Linda Deutsch for a candid debate about the weird world of celebrity justice. Hosted by talk-radio host Bill Moran, the legal eagles will explore the delicate ins-and-outs of the high-profile celebrity trial. [u][b]University of Judaism, 15600 Mulholland Dr, Bel Air, (310) 440-1246. Sun at 2 [PM Pacific Time]. $25[/b].[/u] Source:

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