Pandit thrilled to beat it with [Jackson]

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2:21pm today [b]Pandit thrilled to beat it with [Jackson][/b] By Neeta Dutta Heal the world: Pandit Dinesh will appear on the new Michael Jackson charity song, I Have a Dream, raising money for Hurricane Katrina victims A Mill Hill musician and producer who has been described as ‘the godfather of the British Asian musical movement’ is to perform on the new Michael Jackson charity single. Pandit Dinesh, of Longfield Avenue, has lent his vocal talents to the Jackson’s song I Have a Dream, which is to be released by the end of year to raise money to help Hurricane Katrina victims. “You have stars like Mariah Carey and Stevie Wonder involved, which is wonderful,” said the 50-year-old percussionist. “I got involved because I have worked with Chris Porter, an engineer and producer, who knew Michael Jackson was looking for an Asian musician for his new single.” Mr Dinesh met the superstar briefly at a recording studio in Chiswick, south-east London, a few weeks ago. “He was lovely, very much a child though,” he said. “It was not for long, as with things like this. You do your bit separately but it was nice to see him.” Mr Dinesh first came to Britain more than 20 years ago from India in order to pursue musical interests and has lived in Mill Hill for the past 14 years. He said: “I always wanted to enter the Western music scene. Music is in my blood. When I first came here the only thing Indian music was known for was the sitar and tabla so I started from scratch.” He had to battle against stereotypes to have his music recognised. He said: “People would ask me if I had a corner shop or if I was a minicab driver and I did not understand the joke. The image of Indians has changed and being a musician as a job is more acceptable.” He is known for his fusion style which merges Indian, African, Italian and pop music to create a unique sound. Working with a new generation of artists has kept his music fresh and innovative. He said: “Artists like The Punjabi Hit Squad are great boys and I enjoy working with young people. I performed with Bobby Friction and Nihal at the London Mela and that was great.” Mr Dinesh would like to give something back to the community and has contemplated setting up youth schemes in the Barnet area that would provide those interested in music with support and encouragement. While some of his contempories are well-known faces in the Asian community, Mr Dinesh has always enjoyed his quiet life in the suburbs of Mill Hill and likes not being recognised in the street. He said: “The area is beautiful and very peaceful. I have lived in Edgware and Hendon too in the past and I really do like north London. It is a second home to me. Life can get so hectic, with travelling and performing and hours in the studio, it is nice to have somewhere peaceful to return to.” Source: [url=]…_with_jacko.php[/url]

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