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[b]Mosque aid plan denied[/b] By TARIQ KHONJI SOURCES close to pop superstar Michael Jackson denied rumours that he was planning to donate money for the building of a mosque in Bahrain. The reports, which appeared in newspapers and websites around the world, quoted ‘spokesmen’ claiming the mosque was being built as a gesture towards the people of Bahrain. The sources told the GDN that people who were quoted were former spokesmen who may have an agenda against Mr Jackson. “It is absolutely not true. These rumours were spread by ex-spokesmen,” said the source. He said he could not confirm rumours that the pop singer had converted to Islam and that as far as he knew Mr Jackson was a Catholic. Meanwhile, the superstar is continuing his tour of the Gulf. After over a month in the UAE, Mr Jackson is now said to be taking in the scenery in Oman. “He is currently there but we expect him to come back to Bahrain in about a week to 10 days,” said the source. Mr Jackson first came to Bahrain on June 29 as a guest of Southern Governor Shaikh Abdulla bin Hamad Al Khalifa. There have also been rumours that Mr Jackson had bought real estate in Bahrain, which was also earlier denied. However, Bahrain is currently the pop star’s legal home, it was revealed after he was summoned for jury duty. His lawyers told California court officials that he would not be able to serve because he was no longer living at his Neverland Valley Ranch fulltime and that Bahrain was his new home. Source:

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