MIJAC’s Rep Fed up with Recent Reports

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[b]MIJAC’S REP FED UP WITH RECENT REPORTS: Bain says irresponsible media outlets should ‘begin hiring good attorneys’; Mesereau says don’t believe rumors.[/b] (December 12, 2005) *Michael Jackson’s publicist Raymone K. Bain fired off an angry e-mail Friday denying recent rumors of the singer having an alcohol and drug problem just as the National Enquirer reported that police in Santa Barbara, CA were told by family insiders that the singer “recently OD’d on Demerol and Jack Daniels” in Bahrain. Fed up with the reports, Bain said in a statement: “Whomever these individuals are who are intent on disseminating false information throughout the media regarding Mr. Jackson, should begin hiring good attorneys, likewise, the few irresponsible journalists who continuously rely on these ‘sources’ and report this false information.” On Saturday, Jackson’s lawyer Thomas Mesereau told EUR’s Lee Bailey that “the rumors are false” and “don’t believe any of them.” These rumors are “typical of the world of Michael Jackson,” he said. “People try to profit on false statements about him. You have to see through them. He’s doing very well. He’s a wonderful person. He has not overdosed.” Mesereau said he has spoken to Jackson, but refused to comment on when the conversation took place. Bain began her letter by stating that Jackson is currently working via telephone with artists on his Katrina Relief song and “is doing fine.” She said: “I have never seen him happier or healthier.” But contrary to Bain’s statements, the Enquirer reported Friday that a Santa Barbara police internal e-mail from a “high-ranking police official” claims that Jackson has overdosed “a couple of times since he left the States” and he is in critical condition. Back in March 28, the tabloid reported that Jackson was high on drugs at his child molestation trial in Santa Barbara, which ended in a full acquittal in June. The Enquirer quoted sources who said Jackson was shooting himself with a syringe full of Demerol through veins in his leg. In denying the report, Bain wrapped up her Friday e-mail with the warning: “Mr. Jackson’s tolerance level has come to an end. The Green light that people have thought they have had to willfully impugn Michael Jackson’s character and integrity has now become Red.” Source: http://www.eurweb.com/story.cfm?id=23867

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