Rowe Gives Up Parental Rights – MB#260 – Highlight History

This highlight history entry comes from a previous MJEOL Bullet concerning Debbie Rowe’s previous court filing giving up her parental rights to Michael Jackson’s children. Below, you will find excerpts from the transcripts of that paternity hearing, including extremely telling statements from her.
(From “Previous Statements from Rowe Could Undermine Pros. Plans – MB#260”
APRIL 25 2005)

– Stunning details about Debbie Rowe and the termination of her parental rights were revealed by Celebrity Justice (CJ) a few months ago in an article dated Feb 4 2005.

The “buzz” in the media now is that Rowe will be called by the prosecution dealing with an alleged “conspiracy” allegation in the Michael Jackson trial.

According to prosecution pundits, she may claim she was given a script to say in that 2003 rebuttal interview which aired on Fox called “Take Two: The Footage You Were Never Meant to See”.

There were very revealing details about what Rowe said at that Oct 2001 hearing where she officially terminated her parental rights. Unfortunately for the prosecution, in that 2001 hearing, she said some of the exact same things she said in that 2003 rebuttal interview.

Just because the prosecution has subpoenaed Rowe, doesn’t necessarily make her that great of a prosecution witness. A subpoena doesn’t always equate with cooperation. For example, the defense subpoenaed Jamie Masada a while ago. Does that make him a witness for the defense? Of course not.

As always, we have to be careful with proclamations about what a witness will say. The prosecution and the media have gotten into trouble repeatedly for promising/hyping up what a prosecution witness would say only to be “let down” when the witness testifies.