Julio Avila: Accuser’s brother had porn mags – History Highlight

According to a new document, the prosecution is trying to keep Julio Avila off the stand. Avila had some very interesting things to say about the accuser and his brother. Avila, in charge of operating the Neverland amusement park rides, was there when the Arvizo family visited the ranch. He says he observed both Star and Gavin Arvizo on several occasions. Avila says at one point, Gavin Arvizo told him that people at school were making fun of him and that Jackson was letting the family stay at the ranch so they could get away from harassment. Also from Avila’s declaration:

During their stay at the ranch, Star Arvizo wrote the words “You suck [d_ck]” on a wall in one of the control rooms in the park. Star also brought pornographic magazines to the park. I saw him bring a pornographic magazine to the park that he had hidden inside his pants. Star hid his pornographic magazines in various areas of the park, including inside the control box of the park stereo.

This porn magazine corroborates the testimony from M. Gomez who says during their stay at Neverland while she was cleaning the guest suite to which the accuser and brother were assigned, she saw pornographic magazines in a backpack she says belonged to Star Arvizo. This is certainly far from the picture prosecutors and the accuser’s themselves tried to paint. They testified the only time they’ve seen pornographic magazines is when Jackson allegedly showed them and that the only time they were involved with alcohol is when Jackson allegedly gave it to them. Obviously the jury may not longer find either of their testimonies credible. Here are the image scans: