Jackson visits mall with family

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[b]Jackson visits mall with family[/b] Vol XXVIII NO. 281 Monday 26 December 2005 By Tariq Khonji MANAMA MANAMA: Pop star Michael Jackson visited an amusement arcade at a mall in Bahrain with his children and friends yesterday.Foton World in Bahrain Mall was closed to public for an hour for Jackson and his 15-member group, sources told the GDN. It was closed from 4.30pm to 5.30pm to allow them some privacy as they celebrated Christmas, they said. “He came in with his family and went on the roller-coaster and the maze,” the sources added. “They spent a short while here and then they left.” Bahrain is currently the pop star’s legal home, which was revealed when he was summoned for jury duty in the US. His lawyers told California court officials that he would not be able to serve because he was no longer living full time at his Neverland Valley Ranch and that Bahrain was his new home. source: http://www.gulf-daily-news.com/arc_Articles.asp?Article=130923&Sn=BNEW&IssueID=28281

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