Absurd Kapon Allegation Not New – MB#299

Absurd Kapon Allegation Not New – MB#299 JANUARY 22 2006 – How can you tell when some media entities are trying to score their next Michael Jackson fix? You can tell when the so-called legitimate news media start to take us for another ride down that tabloid-road, filled with unfounded allegations about Michael Jackson which –had they been about anyone else – would never be given the time of day. Earlier this month, Celebrity Justice –redux site tmz.com posted news of a “new molestation suit” against Michael Jackson. When doing so, they may not have realized how some in the public would react to such absurdity. Or maybe they did? Even a poll on their own website at the time of this writing showed that 69% of their visitors think the lawsuit is bogus. Tmz.com, however, left out more than a few facts about this “new” allegation in their initial article; namely that this isn’t a “new” allegation, that the accuser’s claims were investigated by two separate police forces, and that the allegations were dismissed as wholly unbelievable.