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Absurd Kapon Allegation Not New – MB#299 JANUARY 22 2006 – How can you tell when some media entities are trying to score their next Michael Jackson fix? You can tell when the so-called legitimate news media start to take us for another ride down that tabloid-road, filled with unfounded allegations about Michael Jackson which –had they been about anyone else – would never be given the time of day. Earlier this month, Celebrity Justice –redux site tmz.com posted news of a “new molestation suit” against Michael Jackson. When doing so, they may not have realized how some in the public would react to such absurdity. Or maybe they did? Even a poll on their own website at the time of this writing showed that 69% of their visitors think the lawsuit is bogus. Tmz.com, however, left out more than a few facts about this “new” allegation in their initial article; namely that this isn’t a “new” allegation, that the accuser’s claims were investigated by two separate police forces, and that the allegations were dismissed as wholly unbelievable. The person who has filed the lawsuit is reportedly 20 year old Daniel Kapon; not to be confused with the reported “loon” down in Louisiana, Joseph Bartucci, who also has made ridiculous allegations of his own for money. Bartucci has reportedly been involved in more than 18 different lawsuits against people, by the way. To understand the current Kapon lawsuit, however, we have to go back to 2004 when he first made the allegations. Kapon made an accusation against Jackson in 2004 in a pre-trial atmosphere. As a result, the LAPD initiated an investigation and released a press statement stating as much. This caused all kinds of concerns and launched all kinds of panel discussions about the validity, or lack thereof, of the allegation. An article from Reuters back in 2004 detailed information about Kapon’s allegations because, of course, an ambiguous press release from the LAPD about “another investigation” got massive attention. When the LAPD later announced no charges would be filed based on then-18 year old Kapon’s allegations, it didn’t get half as much media attention. Two women were also alleged to have been involved in the attempt to forward Kapon’s allegation, according to sources who talked to Reuters back in 2004: Carole Lieberman and Gloria Allred. These names should sound awfully familiar. These are the same two “hysterical bitches” , as some have called them, who have been involved in everything from filing complaints to get Jackson’s children taken away from him, to lobbying for a criminal investigation after the Martin Bashir “documentary” aired. For a while, it appeared as if they were on their own separate missions to bring down Jackson based on some imagined wrong they assumed he was guilty of. Their paths of Jackson-hatred apparently converged when it came to this person’s allegation — initially made back in 2004 — and was brought back to some attention after he recently filed a lawsuit. You may be asking where this person would find a lawyer brave enough to put their reputation on the line —and Bar card if they knowingly allow Kapon to proffer perjured testimony – to pursue this lawsuit anyway? That 2004 Reuters article, carried by nzoom.com and a number of sites on April 15 2004, detailed what Reuters’ sources revealed about Kapon’s allegation then. After the LAPD announced back in 2004 that they were investigating the allegation, Jackson’s lawyer called the accusations “baseless.” Apparently the then-18 year old was alleging those memories were “repressed memories” outed with the help of a psychologist. At the time, he made the allegation of being molested when he was 3 to 5 years old, which would have set the alleged molestation as starting between 1989 and 1991. Sources told Reuters in 2004 that psychologist Carole Lieberman was the counselor for Kapon’s “repressed memory”. From the April 15 2004 article titled “Lawyers dismiss new allegation”:

The sources said that Beverly Hills psychiatrist Carole Lieberman, who filed a child abuse complaint last year with Santa Barbara County Protective Services against the pop singer, counseled the new victim and helped him remember the alleged assault. (see Lawyers dismiss new allegation)

Lieberman was cornered about her possible involvement with Kapon’s allegation, and she would neither confirm nor deny her involvement with Kapon’s sudden remembrance of “molestation”:

Lieberman said, “If I am someone’s psychiatrist, (I am) not able to disclose the name of a patient. … I am ethically and legally bound to not comment at this time.” (Lawyers dismiss new allegation)

Is this all but an admission of involvement? If she was not involved, why didn’t she simply deny it? Some observers have suggested that based on the way Lieberman has apparently diagnosed and defamed Jackson publicly — without so much as having had a conversation with him – she could stand a few sessions on somebody’s couch herself. At the very least, some say she may have been playing with fire and if Kapon’s allegation continues, her own reputation and actions could be called into question. To understand why that happened, you’d have to understand the types of allegations Kapon is making. As if Lieberman’s involvement weren’t bad enough, Gloria Allred may have played a part in the allegation as well. More from the 2004 article:

The sources also said that feminist attorney Gloria Allred, a prominent critic of Jackson’s lifestyle, was also involved in bringing the recent complaint to police. Both women told Reuters they could neither confirm nor deny their involvement in the case. Allred added, “If there’s an individual who came forward, I’m glad that law enforcement is conducting an investigation.” (Lawyers dismiss new allegation)

She may not have been glad after the investigation’s outcome was revealed. The LAPD cleared Jackson of Kapon’s allegations after finding no evidence of wrongdoing over the course of an extensive 2 month investigation. The following is an excerpt of the statement released by the LAPD on June 2 2004 after their investigation was concluded:

Los Angeles: On May 28, 2004, Detectives from the Los Angeles Police Department’s Juvenile Division officially concluded their 2-month investigation into allegations of child abuse against Michael Jackson. The person making the allegations claimed the acts took place in the City of Los Angeles in the late 1980’s. After an extensive investigation, which included hours of interviews with the person making the allegations, Detectives concluded there was no evidence that any crime occurred. No charges will be sought. (see LOS ANGELES POLICE DEPARTMENT Re: “Michael Jackson Investigation”)

Obviously, this information got nowhere near the attention the initial allegation received. __Dimond outs Kapon?__ As for Kapon, it appears no one wanted to touch these rather ridiculous allegations with a 10 foot pole. Not even Tom Sneddon, according to pro-prosecution sympathizer and tabloid reporter Diane Dimond. Just to set the stage at this point, remember, we’re still in the 2004 time period. The 2005 trial hadn’t started yet. Kapon’s allegation was muddying the water and publicly making the Arvizo allegation also look suspect. Dimond, of all people, tried her best to squash Kapon’s allegation, possibly in an effort to make the Arvizo allegation appear more plausible. Appearing on Crier Live (court tv) April 14 2004, Dimond claimed her “sources” told her the Santa Barbara authorities investigated the Kapon allegations as well as the LAPD. According to her, they didn’t believe Kapon’s claims after putting him through what she called “forensic interrogation”. Of Kapon’s allegation, she told Crier’s audience, ”He’s all over the map with times and dates, and things that happened or didn’t happen” (CrierLive: New Accuser Story is a Hoax+SB already investigated April 14 2004). One point of absurdity with Kapon’s allegations – the specifics of which we will get into below – is his age. He was reportedly 18 in 2004, a point which Crier picked up on when asking about the claim. Check out this exchange from that April 14 2004 show:

CRIER: I understand the new accuser is 18? DIMOND: Yes CRIER: But these events were suppose to be in the late 80s? DIMOND: Right. CRIER: So what was he, in diapers for heaven sakes? What’s going on? DIMOND: Well see you put your finger right on it Catherine. The authorities that I spoke to who have spoken to this child [sic] say this is the big problem. First, he said he was abused between the ages of 10 and 14. And then he said ‘no, I was 3 or 4’, and then he said ‘no, no, I was 15.’ And he described the inside of Havenhurst, the family estate in Encino, during a time when Michael Jackson may not have even lived at Havenhurt. So there was—added into it—was the instability of the mother figure in this case. She hasn’t even been around this boy for several years. He’d been living with his father. (see CrierLive: New Accuser Story is a Hoax+SB already investigated April 14 2004| article)

She also claimed her sources with the LAPD said they didn’t buy Kapon’s allegation either. So with this additional information and with the reported involvement of two Jackson-haters, the current story about Kapon’s lawsuit becomes clearer. __You wouldn’t believe it…__ Nothing became of the initial Kapon allegations criminally back in 2004. Since apparently any nut case can file a lawsuit, this brings us up to the recent Kapon lawsuit filed in Orange County. Tmz.com posted the lawsuit on their website. Don’t you wish they’d get their hands on more important court docs like the $10 M suit filed against Tom Sneddon and the Santa Barbara DA’s office for malicious prosecution which is set to go to trial August 2006? But I digress. Kapon’s allegation is permeated with some of the most idiotic allegations I personally have ever heard…outside of the Joseph Bartucci allegation, that is. Some have said his lawsuit reads like a patchwork of other highly publicized and meritless allegations/lawsuits against Jackson. Not only is Kapon suing Jackson, but he’s also suing Sony Music. That’s right. On top of his absurd Jackson allegations, he’s also alleging that Sony conspired with Jackson. According to the lawsuit, Kapon is claiming “abuse” began when he was 1 or 2 years old. He alleges Jackson made him get plastic surgery, stole song lyrics from him, and burned him. If the phrase “what the hell?”, didn’t immediately come to mind, then maybe you should back up and read that again. He also is accusing Jackson of giving him drugs and alcohol. That one sounds like a snippet from the Arvizo allegation, doesn’t it? There is a question as to whether or not this man even knew Jackson during the time period of his lunatic-like allegation. The part about Jackson stealing song lyrics from him is particularly laughable because of his age. This nutjo…..uh, I mean, this person is alleging Jackson stole song lyrics for him for his Bad, Dangerous, HIStory and Blood on the Dancefloor albums. First, Bad was released August 1987 (Amazon.com), which means Jackson worked on it before that time. If Kapon is 20 now, he was about a year old in 1987. Is he seriously trying to get people to believe that at 1 year old, he was composing song lyrics? Lyrics apparently so well written that Jackson stole them and put them on an album?? Ah, but he also is alleging that Jackson stole the melodies and ideas for the songs as well, not just the lyrics! He is alleging that Sony knew or should have known that he, Kapon, was the “sole and exclusive author” of the lyrics. I mean! He’s claiming that Jackson and Sony “expressly agreed” to pay him for these “songs, lyrics, melodies” and ideas…….in 1987…..when he was a year old. I could be amused all day at this if it weren’t such a sad and rather pathetic illustration of how much mental help it appears this person may need based on reading the lawsuit. And having any entity coddling and appeasing the “despicable and outrageous” allegation is rather pathetic and quite troubling as well, in my opinion. Kapon also alleges he was held hostage by Jackson and his staff. Right about now, you should be having flashbacks of the Arvizos’s ridiculous kidnapping/hostage allegation which were proven untrue during the 2005 trial. In Kapon’s tall tale, Jackson’s staff was instructed not to let him leave the premises. He also claims Jackson “confined” him in a vehicle against his will. Sounds like an allegation made by Joseph Bartucci in his lawsuit, doesn’t it? Bartucci claimed he was held hostage in a limo and cut by Jackson. I’m not kidding. As if these allegations against Jackson weren’t absurd enough, he had to drag Sony into the mix. There is certainly no love lost between the fan community and Sony music. But even they don’t buy these allegations. Kapon is alleging that starting in 1987….when he was about a year old….Sony “willfully conspired” to aid Jackson with falsely imprisoning and molesting him. Again, if the words “what the hell?” didn’t immediately pop into your mind, then maybe you need to back up and read that again. Attorney Thomas Mesereau was quoted in that tmz.com article as saying that these latest allegations are “ridiculous” and that “They will be vigorously defended”. Mesereau also vigorously defended the 2005 allegations against Jackson as well. And we all know how that turned out. Stay tuned. -MJEOL

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