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Jermaine Jackson Knocks down Tab Report, Threatens Lawsuit – MB#303 MARCH 7 2006 – Maybe if Michelle Caruso, Diane Dimond and Joe Scarborough were forewarned that Jermaine Jackson (J. Jackson) would appear live on CNN’s Larry King Live, they wouldn’t have looked so foolish, as they feasted on the words of apparently manufactured hot garbage from the latest wannabe Jackson “scandal”. That ‘hot garbage’ – an alleged book proposal — claims Jermaine Jackson is supposed to have made wild and rather unbelievable allegations about Michael and Joe Jackson, his children, and the family’s past. He is supposed to have shopped those specific ideas around for publication in 2003. The desperation for another Jackson scandal is now blaringly apparent even to those who earlier wouldn’t have given any of these Jackson stories the time of day. The media, however, never seems to tire of shooting themselves in the foot. Whatever credibility problems exist, they only have themselves to blame. This latest round of unsubstantiated mess came to the public’s attention courtesy of the New York Daily news which reportedly got their information from former Jackson family “friend” and alleged plagiarist Stacy Brown. Brown is male. You’d be shocked at how many people think he’s female. Insert-your-own-smart-ass-joke-here. The apparent backstory to this wanna-be scandal starts with Stacy Brown, who was once considered a “family friend”. He doesn’t know anything about Michael Jackson, however, and has never had a close friendship with him. Jermaine Jackson wanted to write a book, and has never denied wanting to write a book. Nor has he ever pretended as if he had no plans to write a book. It is the content, or more specifically, the reports about its alleged content, with which Jermain Jackson has a serious problem. According to him, the book was supposed to be about growing up in Gary, Indiana, which would later become a musical. Brown was supposed to ghostwrite. Over time, J. Jackson started to feel uneasy about Brown’s true intentions according to reports. Brown was apparently kicked to the curb before he could make a profit from such a project. It now appears that Brown tried to trade off of Jermaine Jackson’s name, and whore-out Michael Jackson’s image, by either planning to or actually shopping around another unapproved book proposal. So, from Jermaine Jackson’s standpoint, Brown made many ludicrous claims alleging they were coming from Jermaine Jackson. And the story was passed on to “New York rag #2”, to which the NY Daily News has been referred by some unimpressed observers. Now back to the present. While Jermaine Jackson was blasting the report on CNN last night (March 6), Scarborough’s show pushed the report as truth, and with an appearance by the ‘not-good-for-anything-other-than-Jackson-trash’ glorified tabloid reporter Diane Dimond. Have you ever wondered why she seems to pop up every time there’s a ridiculous Jackson-related report? I’m not sure whether that’s by accident or by design. But I digress. The possibly future co-defendant — the writer of the article — was also on Scarborough’s show. Each of them repeated the disgusting allegations, and attributed them directly to Jermaine Jackson. I suppose we are to disregard the word of J. Jackson, and believe the word of those who have been trying to get rich from leveraging the Jacksons’ name/image for years? And like dogs in human skin, these three lapped up every unfounded allegation as if it were 100% factual. The two may have wished they’d stayed home if they knew how absurd they looked pushing the story, while Michael’s big brother spoke bluntly to Larry King; butchering the alleged “tell-all manuscript” report, and lambasting the accused culprit behind it. When asked by King how did he feel upon hearing this nonsense, J. Jackson stated quite frankly, “I was pissed off. Very upset, very upset” (Jermaine Jackson Interview (March 6 2006)). He went on to tell King:

…You know where my heart has been since day one. Michael’s been 1,000 percent innocent. I have spoken from my heart. I’ve spoken the truth. (Jermaine Jackson Interview (March 6 2006))

King then proceeded to pop-off falsity after falsity, giving J. Jackson a chance to refute each one. At on point, J. Jackson mentioned he had already been in contact with Michael Jackson’s people, and sent them a copy of the real manuscript from his real book. Oddly enough, some nutjob critics wanted Jermaine Jackson to whip out the manuscript right there on the air, and plop it on the table for Larry King to peruse. Never mind the fact that you don’t reveal such evidence before a civil suit if filed. His real book, he says, doesn’t in any way resemble the mess reported by the NY Daily News via Brown. In fact, J. Jackson mentioned this book way back during a Jan 9 2003 pre-Bashir appearance on Larry King Live. Take a look at the FULL quote from Jermaine Jackson about the book:

KING: Are you working on a book? JERMAINE JACKSON: Yes. “Legacy: Surviving the Best and Worst. ” Looking — meeting with certain publishers seeing can we go that extra mile. Seeing who’s willing to support a book tour world wide and things like that. It’s about growing up. Growing up in Gary and our childhood and things that… KING: Tough town Gary, Indiana, isn’t it? JERMAINE JACKSON: Yes, there were incidents like my brother Jackie, we would go into a market and he would say I’m going to get a cake today so be ready to run. He would get this spice cake and take it and we’d run across the field. And the store guy would be chasing us. We were running until our hearts about to pop out of our chests. Just things. We did a lot of things that most people don’t really know about. But the greatest thing of all growing up in Gary is that preparing us for Hollywood, which we didn’t know during the time because we had the mother and father. We had the love in the family. We had the discipline from the father. We had the love. And just being before the street lights were out. So once we got that break in the music industry, everybody was saying, is success going to destroy them? No, because we don’t forget Gary what was it was like in that two bedroom house big as a two car garage. And that’s what it’s about. (see Larry King Live: Jermaine Jackson (Jan 9 2003))

Hum…now I don’t know about you, but I don’t see anything about Michael Jackson’s children not being his…or about Joe Jackson pimping his son out to business partners…or about him thinking that Michael could be guilty of molestation. And so J. Jackson appeared on Larry King recently to correct the record. He told King on March 6 2006, “I’m just here to clear my name. There is no book about Michael, no negativity. I stand behind him 1,000 percent.” That stance has been consistent even from the day when Jackson’s home was reportedly ransacked by police. Actually, J. Jackson’s support of brother Michael in recently trying times started as far back as early 2003 when he blasted NBC for allegedly attempting to dupe the family into participating in a bash-and-trash NBC “special”. J. Jackson told King on March 6 that Stacy Brown had gone behind his back with this alleged “manuscript”… or proposal…or fiction novel…or whatever you want to call it. More from the March 6 Larry King interview:

It came to an end when someone, like himself [Brown], was putting out a whole other manuscript that wasn’t telling the truth, going behind my back.

I have no idea what the hell Brown was doing or if he had an ulterior motive before he was booted from the Jackson camp. However being an observer of various news reports during the trial, Jermaine Jackson publicly stood by his family, including Michael, even before Martin Bashir’s so-called “documentary” was broadcast to the world. During the King show, he also said that Michelle Caruso is wrong in standing by the story. Caruso issued the customary I-stand-by-the-story response, like every reporter who’s ever been accused of spreading false information always does…at first. And on that point, he is correct. This story got her an appearance on Scarborough County, for example. Would we give a flying flip about Caruso if she and her employer were not trying to start a grass fire and turn it into a scorching inferno (read ‘huge Jackson scandal’) with this story? I don’t know. During J. Jackson’s appearance on King, he also made the point that a number of casual observers have already made: why would Jermaine Jackson publicly and repeatedly defend Michael – before and after the trial – if he was writing a slam-book about him? It doesn’t make sense. Let’s say, for the sake of argument, that Jermaine Jackson lost his mind and actually wrote a bash-and-trash book proposal. There would certainly be many questions. As far as time periods go, before and during the trial would have been the perfect time to make hundreds of thousands of dollars and to hurt little brother, if that was his intention. Why didn’t he publish it then? Why didn’t he go on TV and talk about all of these sordid details? And I’m not buying this nonsense that ‘big bad 120 pound Michael Jackson threw a hissy-fit and stopped it’. That’s bull$hit. Why weren’t there 10 publishers trying to sign J. Jackson for this alleged slam-book? Next I guess we’ll hear tales from ghost-sources claiming that publishers were threatened to be kidnapped and held hostage at Neverland if they published this phantom slam-book. Maybe none of this came to fruition because it was Brown, and not Jermaine Jackson, who wanted to serve up this hot garbage on a silver platter to a pathetic subset of Jackson-crackheads in the media looking for another Jackson scandal to jumpstart their careers. After King read another allegation from the NY Daily News article, Jermaine Jackson directly responded:

I’ll tell you what, there are some sick people out there and they saw my love and my support for my family and Michael and they want to use me. And I’m the wrong one to use because I talk and I’m speaking now. That’s all lies…

Why was Brown kicked from the Jackson family camp anyway? Jermaine Jackson told King, “I started feeling certain things from him.” He continued:

It changed and that’s when we broke off the relationship and I just mean the whole family. And then he would say things. When you spoke to me from the Middle East he would say things because I was watching you guys back here in the news and everything, he was saying things that would leave the people thinking that Michael’s guilty in this. I said “Why is Stacy saying these things?” He knows the truth.

But again, while J. Jackson was talking about the innocence of his brother over on King’s show, two know-nothing, scandal chasing talking heads (Dimond and Caruso) were on Scarborough, pathetically trying to convince us all that water ain’t wet! And that we should take their word over Jermaine Jackson’s. Sorry, but until I see some irrefutable proof that J. Jackson is the snake in the grass and not Brown, I’ll take his word for it, thank you very much. Neither Dimond nor Brown have done anything to deserve the benefit of the doubt. I wonder if Joe Scarborough will have the guts to do a follow-up on the story, and lambaste the two gossipy heffas who appeared on the show to spread one version of a story which they had not validated. Some observed Brown’s definite turn towards the likes of Dimond and that crowd during some of his media appearances after this apparent falling-out with the family. His ouster may have also coincided with the Bob Jones book he was involved in as well. Jones’s book, by the way, was interesting to those who were looking to validate their own pre-existing disdain for Jackson. It didn’t change anyone’s mind…or make the best sellers list. The allegations in it weren’t challenged by an attorney under threat of perjury charges either. Sometimes I feel like yelling “The bridge is out!” But some of these Jackson critics don’t listen, only to end up at the bottom of the valley in a wrecked mess. I’ve had this feeling before: when Tom Sneddon filed initial charges against Michael Jackson in Dec 2003. Exhibit A. A wrecked mess: [img][/img] (Tom Sneddon during a post-trial press conference, 2005) Will the New York Daily News have to issue a retraction in the form of a check to Jermaine Jackson? Is Brown attempting to alienate Jermaine from the rest of his family by trying to spark in-fighting? Who will get sued? Time will tell. Stay tuned. -MJEOL Further information may cause this MJEOL Bullet to be updated.

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