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[b]Guess who was spotted with the King of Pop?![/b] Rubina A Khan [ Thursday, March 16, 2006 08:09:39 pmTIMES NEWS NETWORK ] Filmmaker Sanjay Khan and wife Zarine bumped into Michael Jackson recently. Filmmaker Sanjay Khan is a Formula 1 enthusiast. And his passion for life in the fast lane was more than evident when he flew down to Bahrain with wife Zarine to attend the Grand Prix held in the Middle East over the week end. However, his trip was not all about cars. He and Zarine also met the world’s royalty, like England’s Prince Andrew, King Abdullah II and his wife Queen Raina of Jordan at the event. The Khans were the guests of Bahrain business tycoon Mohammad Dadabhai. And while there, the couple happened to meet none other than the King of Pop himself — Michael Jackson! Jackson has been living in Bahrain since June last year and was attending the event as the guest of the King of Bahrain’s son. Recounts Zarine, “We had a fantabulous time in Bahrain. Sanjay is not the type who would go over and talk to people unless they were formally introduced to us. The elite of the world were present there. And then suddenly, I saw Michael Jackson walking past us and and I told Sanjay ‘It’s Michael!’ and he said, ‘Don’t get so excited. You just can’t go over there and talk to him’. It was then that our host Mohammad Dadabhai introduced us and told him that we were from the Indian film world. Michael got very excited and talked to us for a good 10 minutes. He was very happy to meet us.” So what is Michael like in person? “Well, he is very sweet and looks very gentle and docile. I even told him that I was a huge fan and that I had attended his show in Mumbai too. I think he’s a brilliant performer and artist. I asked him to come to Mumbai and he said that he would love to and we gave him our card. Michael even asked for a picture with us!” continues Zarine. And what’s her favourite MJ song? “Oh, I like so many but most of all, the Thriller ones,” she says. And did they meet with the other Michael (Schumacher) there? “Oh, after I met MJ, that was it!” Source: [url=,curpg-2.cms]Times of India[/url]

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