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[b]Gossip Columnist Stern Blames the Media[/b] Every once in a while something happens to illustrate the adage “Karma is a bi+ch”. The situation with described gossip monger Jared Paul Stern and the Page Six scandal is a perfect example. Stern is being investigated by the feds for allegedly trying to extort hundreds of thousands of dollars from billionaire Ron Burkle. Burkle had repeatedly and unsuccessfully tried to get the Post to correct various erroneous reports about him in the glorified tab/paper. According to reports, the gossipy Stern told Burkle that he had the power to spin Burkle’s coverageĀ…for the right price, of course. He also reportedly wanted the billionaire to dish secrets about his rich and powerful friends to the NY Post. Burkle contacted the FBI and while the terms for extortion were discussed between the two, the FBI was taping the conversation. [url=http://home.mjeolradio.com/news.php?extend.15]Read the rest…[/url]

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