Janet Arvizo Back in Court, 2 Hours Late – MiniBullet #25

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Janet Arvizo Back in Court, 2 Hours Late – MiniBullet #25 APRIL 27 2006 – Janet Arvizo was back in court today for a hearing concerning charges she faces in her welfare fraud criminal case. According to B.J. Hickman, who was covering the hearing for onsecondthought.tv, Arvizo arrived 2 hours late for an 8:30am hearing wearing a green jogging suit and sandals. Testing Testing 123, Testing testing 125

Believe it or not, Arvizo is fighting the charges which were so thoroughly proven during the Jackson trial of 2005. Though Jackson’s judge, Rodney Melville, allowed Arvizo to plead the 5th amendment to questions regarding welfare fraud, the defense was still able to get it on the record through other witnesses. According to the Felony Complaint for Arrest Warrant documents obtained by thesmokinggun.com, Arvizo was charged with 5 felony counts of welfare fraud and perjury by the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Bureau of Fraud and Corruption Prosecution division on August 23 2005. The case is moving forward because Arvizo is alleging she did nothing wrong. Arvizo is accused of hiding the fact that she and her children had hundreds of thousands of dollars while claiming to be indigent; signing welfare documents under penalty of perjury. After charges were initially filed, the spokesperson for the Los Angeles DA’s office, Sandi Gibbon, said the charges against Arvizo resulted in a very thorough investigation. From her statement:

These charges are the result of a very careful investigation of allegations that she basically lied to receive aid…We felt the evidence was sufficient to file these counts (see Mom of Michael Jackson’s accuser charged with fraud )

Evidence revealed during the Jackson trial showed that she had gotten over a hundred thousand dollars from a settlement with the department store J. C. Penney. She also had gotten thousands of dollars in support from various famous and non-famous people. Unlike the media frenzy outside of the courthouse during pre-trial hearings in the Jackson trial, there has hardly been any coverage about this latest court date. The judge in her case set a preliminary hearing date of May 19 2006 at 8:30am. Let’s see how many reporters show up for that court date. -MJEOL