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[b]Michael Jackson sued for stalking[/b] 17-Jun-2006 Written by: J. Rachel Anderson The musical legend is being sued for $100 million for stalking, like having a woman’s car keyed and sending her nasty messages via radio station requests. Um, right. Oh, Michael. I don’t know what it is about you that attracts the crazies and the golddiggers, but here they come again. Jackson is being sued for $100 million by Helen Harris-Scott, who claims he harassed and stalked her. Harris-Scott states in her lawsuit that she moved to LA in 1985 and began sending Jackson cards “declaring my love and admiration.” Jackson then responded to her through “others who would call me and hint, and ask questions.” One of these “others” told Harris-Scott to listen to a radio station “where Michael would dedicate songs, and communicate through music.” Much to her chagrin, according to Harris-Scott, Michael sent her “‘you’re not good enough’ type messages.” She moved to San Francisco to leave this heartache behind, but she says the harassment continued, even grew. Her car was keyed, her tires popped, and her doorbell rung, things clearly only a superstar like Michael Jackson is capable of having done. She also claims that Jackson had her home wiretapped, and that he tracked her every move using GPS. Harris-Scott further states that the FBI “know[s] the truth,” though an FBI spokeswoman would not confirm or deny an investigation regarding the singer. The woman writes “Michael Jackson feels he’s above the love.” And if that’s not a crime worth $100 million, I don’t know what is. Source: http://thecelebritycafe.com/features/6189.html

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