Trial date set for accuser’s mom on welfare fraud charges

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[b]Trial date set for accuser’s mom on welfare fraud charges[/b] Associated Press LOS ANGELES The mother of the accuser in last year’s Michael Jackson trial has had a date set for her own trial, on charges of welfare fraud. But the judge says the trial, set for August seventh, could be delayed up to 30 days. The 37-year-old woman, who recently had her fourth child, pleaded not guilty and said nothing during her arraignment. The woman’s lawyer says her client’s position is she did not intentionally mislead welfare officials, and she’d like to avoid a trial. The district attorney says the woman must make restitution if she wants to bargain. She’s accused of getting eight-thousand dollars in welfare by hiding the fact she’d just received a big settlement in a civil suit. During the Jackson trial, she took the Fifth when asked about the welfare issues. Source:

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