Trial Of Latest Michael Jackson Civil Case Delayed – Marcel Avram

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[b]Trial Of Latest Michael Jackson Civil Case Delayed[/b] Aug 1, 2006 2:21 pm US/Pacific (CBS) LOS ANGELES The trial of a civil lawsuit filed by entertainer Michael Jackson against a concert promoter was rescheduled Tuesday for Aug. 8. Jackson, 47, is trying to prevent the promoter from proceeding with arbitration over a disputed 1999 concert contract. Jackson and his MJ Company sued promoter Marcel Avram and his Germany-based company MAMA Concerts and RAU GmbH last Oct. 3 for breach of contract and sought a preliminary injunction, according to the lawsuit. Avram’s attorney, Louis R. “Skip” Miller, said testimony delivered at the trial is expected to last two to three hours, but Jackson and Avram will probably not be among the witnesses. Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Soussan G. Brugera will preside over the non-jury trial. Jackson’s legal problems with Avram began in 2000 over his appearance at two concerts, the lawsuit states.

MJEOL NOTE: Marcel Avram is a former MJ concert promoter who was convicted on tax evasion charges in Germany in 1997. Avram failed to pay almost $5 million in taxes and was nabbed by police. Jackson used to have a bad habit of supporting (and employing) people who apparently didn’t deserve it. Instead of dropping Avram like a bad habit, he supported and even visited the (ex)jailbird in prison, according to a report dated May 4 1997 titled, “Michael Jackson visits German promoter in jail” here: More reports:

In 2003, Jackson and Avram signed a settlement agreement, which resolved all existing and future claims in connection with the concert lawsuits, according to court papers. All disputes regarding the agreement’s interpretation were to be settled in Los Angeles Superior Court. However, Avram decided to move forward with arbitration, a violation of the agreement, the lawsuit alleges. “Plaintiffs Jackson and MJ Company seek this court’s intervention to compel (Avram) to abide by the terms of the settlement agreement and to engage Plaintiff’s in this forum regarding their purported right to relief,” according to court papers. Jackson is seeking an injunction preventing any alternate forms of dispute resolution, interest on sums awarded and costs of the lawsuit. source:

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