Bain Slaps Down Rumors about Irish theme Park

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There was a story origination from an Irish source which claimed that “sources” say Michael Jackson wanted to build a Leprechan based theme park in Ireland:

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 21, 2006 REPORTS REGARDING MICHAEL JACKSON OPENING A THEME PARK IN IRELAND ARE ERRONEOUS Washington, D.C. ……Reports originating from Irish tabloids, being widely reported today, that Michael Jackson plans to open a Leprechaun theme park are erroneous and ridiculous. Please check with this office before disseminating any information reported out of Ireland, because most of the information reported thus far has been inaccurate. ### Source: Raymone Bain

The story has already become a part of Countdown with Keith Olbermann’s roundup of celebrity news. I wouldn’t be surprised if the fact-checking arm of his show consists of a couple of slacker-interns. Seriously. How hard would it have been to check a story like this? Or maybe they don’t care about the factual nature (or lack thereof) of the story, and are simply using the opportunity to bash Jackson again as know-nothing talking heads often do. -MJEOL

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