NY Daily News Caught Spreading False Jackson Info Again

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Apparently the NY Daily News ran a photo claiming that Michael Jackson was wearing women’s clothes. Though the story is asinine on it’s face, Jackson spokesman and general manger Raymone Bain had to issue a press release slapping down the NY Daily News’s nonsense. The glorified tabloid will have to issue a retraction or deal with Jackson’s attorneys, according to the following statement:

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE October 11, 2006 PHOTOGRAPH IN TODAY’S NEW YORK DAILY NEWS A FRAUD…IT IS NOT MICHAEL JACKSON Washington, D.C. …..A photograph in today’s, (October 11, 2006), New York Daily News, allegedly depicting Michael Jackson in women’s shoes and clothing IS NOT Michael Jackson. Mr. Jackson has not visited Saint-Tropez in recent years, nor has he donned a women’s hat and pumps for disguise. Mr. Jackson is demanding that the New York Daily News offer an apology and retraction, or he will refer the matter to his attorneys for further action. ### Raymone Bain

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