Access Hollywood teaser: Michael Jackson interview Nov 2

Access Hollywood’s (AH) Billy Bush got to hang with Michael Jackson in Ireland recently. AH showed a teaser clip of the interview which is supposed to be aired Nov 2 2006. DOWNLOAD: [url=]MJEOL link[/url] DOWNLOAD 7MB file from TSCM: Check out these screenshots: [i]Click for larger view[/i] Stay tuned Continue Reading

‘Nutjob Nancy’ Whining about Jackson…Again – MB#319

‘Nutjob Nancy’ Whining about Jackson…Again – MB#319 [gallery title="Nancy disGrace Oct 17 2006"]5[/gallery] Oct 17 2006 – Flipping through the channels on a television can sometimes be bad for keeping your food down. This warning particularly applies if you happen to flip to Headline news just in time to hear Nancy disGrace’s whining about whether or not Michael Jackson “bought” his own children. Jackson related news gets my attention most times. Maybe this is what disGrace was counting on to increase her ratings the night of Oct 17. ‘DisGrace’ asked the question about whether Jackson purchased children he’s been raising since birth from Debbie Rowe. Of course anybody with sense knows that it is illegal to purchase children. Further, had there even been the slightest perception or hint of evidence of Jackson buying children, both the Santa Barbara DA’s office and the media would have been all over it during the 2005 trial. After all, Jackson’s entire life was put on trial during that time.