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‘Nutjob Nancy’ Whining about Jackson…Again – MB#319 Oct 17 2006 – Flipping through the channels on a television can sometimes be bad for keeping your food down. This warning particularly applies if you happen to flip to Headline news just in time to hear Nancy disGrace’s whining about whether or not Michael Jackson “bought” his own children. Jackson related news gets my attention most times. Maybe this is what disGrace was counting on to increase her ratings the night of Oct 17. ‘DisGrace’ asked the question about whether Jackson purchased children he’s been raising since birth from Debbie Rowe. Of course anybody with sense knows that it is illegal to purchase children. Further, had there even been the slightest perception or hint of evidence of Jackson buying children, both the Santa Barbara DA’s office and the media would have been all over it during the 2005 trial. After all, Jackson’s entire life was put on trial during that time. Lastly, and most importantly, how in hell do you buy your own children, especially when one parent has freely given up rights to them?? disGrace is good at leveling false allegations and creating shallow arguments to support them. There’s a difference between accusing someone of using children for financial gain and accusing someone of outright selling them to another person who has no previous connection to them. The latter doesn’t even apply to Jackson seeing as how he is their father. I don’t think I could ever find myself in a position defending Rowe since I have my own suspicions about her true intentions, as mentioned in MJEOL Bullet #318. However, some of the statements made by ‘Nujob Nancy’ on her Oct 17 show about Jackson and Rowe was absolutely absurd. Here’s a snippet from the transcript of that show after she played a clip from a previous Rowe interview:

GRACE: …No, nobody`s saying you left the children, Miss Rowe. I`m not saying that. I`m saying it sounds more like you sold the children. You sold the two children you gave birth to. That`s what it sounds like tonight. (see disgrace bi_ching about custody issue)

That’s what it sounded like to disGrace? Well, last night to me she sounded like she was on some kind of drug. But hey, I could be wrong. It has been easy for some to confuse her stupidity on Jackson related issues with the ramblings of someone lacking their full mental faculties. disGrace has always seemed to be intellectually bankrupt in terms of issues relating to Michael Jackson. This is why it didn’t seem too surprising to witness her pathetic display of drummed-up outrage, and her seemingly attention hungry parrots (Ann Bremner and Jane Valez-Mitchell) falsely accusing Jackson of the felonious act of buying children. Maybe this was the only angle ‘Nutjob Nancy’ and her flying monkeys could cover because of the custody settlement between Jackson and Rowe. The custody settlement was announced weeks ago. It is unclear why disGrace decided to talk about the issue now. The entertainment media, which includes disGrace, Harvey Levin and Jane Valez-Mitchell, possibly secretly hoped the custody issue would spill over into a knock-down/drag-out public fight between Jackson and Rowe with each side making all sorts of allegations against the other. In that respect, Rowe may have tried to get the ball rolling by claiming that Jackson took his children out of the country illegally. The claim was apparently without merit. According to reports, the U.S. State Dept. rejected those claims and refused to investigate the issue further (see MB#318, Section: Kidnapping Allegation). If Rowe’s intention was to initiate a public fight and upset Jackson with absurd allegations related to this custody issue, she failed miserably because Jackson apparently put his children’s privacy over the need to embarrass the woman he used to trust as a friend. While I do not agree with using children to secure financial freedom, I think it’s asinine for disGrace to suggest that Jackson went baby shopping or somehow used Rowe like a vending machine. His intentions have never been questioned and have always been honorable. This is evidenced by the fact that he brought Rowe into his life — even marrying her — when it would have been simpler for him to just find a surrogate he had never met before. Unlike someone else, he had never sought to terminate any rights to them at anytime for any reason. During the show, ‘Nutjob Nancy’ repeatedly suggested that Rowe flat-out sold her children and asked for Rowe to come on her show and “explain” her position. She even claimed that Rowe would get a “warm welcome”. HA! disGrace used this opportunity to bash Jackson…again…and brought up the unfounded and unproven allegations about everything from his physical well-being to his innocence in relation to the false child molestation allegations. Those allegations resulted in a trial during which Jackson was literally proven innocent (if you’ve actually read the courtroom transcripts), and fully acquitted. There were also the small mischaracterizations which contributed to her lack of believability. For example, she accused him of being so high on pain killers that he didn’t even remember to dress for court the day he showed up in his pajamas. This info is, at best, an illustration of her stupidity about that situation, and at worst a bald-faced lie used to shore-up a false argument. The whiny host apparently had no intention of telling her audience that Jackson had been taken to the hospital that morning before court, but was ordered by the Judge to hightail it to the courthouse or else face having his bond revoked and thrown in jail. I supposed Jackson should have told the Judge, ‘No Judge, I’m going to go home and change clothes first so that I can look good in court’. Had that happened, disGrace would have been raising hell: foaming at the mouth about how arrogant Jackson was and how he had no respect for the Court. Facts really don’t seem all that important to her. I’m not the only one to have that opinion of ‘disGrace’. And the guests who frequent her shows to talk about Jackson related issues are no better and almost never call her on such inaccuracies. __Guests are no better__ The pathetic allegation/show focusing on whether or not Jackson “bought” his kids also included Ann Bremner, who herself, made some totally ridiculous comments about a situation of which she apparently knows nothing. You may remember Bremner as the blonde lady with what looked like a big-ass ponytail/weave down the side of her head. She often made the talk show rounds during the trial and, some say, mislead the public about some of the trial testimony on air. Bremner as well may have put herself in legal peril by openly accusing Rowe of committing illegal acts. Here is a snippet from her rant:

And you know, Debbie Rowe liked selling her kids so much, she thought it was so nice, she did it twice, Nancy. And you know, she — even after selling them the first time, she was able to come back and say, I want my rights restored. And then here she is again. OK, they`re for sale. They`re for sale again. And she sold them. And you know what? Lightning doesn`t strike twice. It could be three times in this case because she can go out probably and do it again. (see disgrace bi_ching about custody issue)

If Rowe ends up suing her, I’d have no idea who to root for in that situation. It would be like watching a fist fight between Bill O’Reilly and John Gibson: they both make you sick but you’d have a great time watching it. Anyway, DisGrace’s panel seemed almost disappointed in the fact that Jackson and Rowe worked out a settlement of the issue. Harvey Levin may be especially disappointed because his online website was posting documents — some leaked, some not — left and right about the custody issue. Also throughout the half hour segment, disGrace played snippets from the various press conferences of another know-nothing so-called “media whore”, Gloria Allred. Allred, if you don’t remember, has taken it upon herself to repeatedly file what some have called unfounded allegations about Jackson for years now; none of which have ever panned out. One guess as to which side Allred would fall regarding this custody issue. Though, surprisingly she didn’t appear on disGrace’s show last night. The guest she trots out to “defend” the “Jackson side” is Brian Oxman. Oxman, himself, seems to be on there so that disgrace can try to make a fool out of him. At times, he seems to have absolutely no idea about what’s currently going on in Jackson’s life and should not be on TV at all talking about what he ‘thinks’ Jackson is doing or has done. No self-respecting insider who actually knows anything about Jackson would spend time on disGrace’s show. Infer what you want to infer from that opinion. __Rights and lunacy__ I do believe in free speech, even for lunatics like disGrace. What I do not believe in is changing the ‘facts’ of a situation or passing off bald-faced lies as the truth. Nor do I agree with using a talking head to say what they say partly to keep the phone calls rolling in for future guest spots on disGrace’s show. We need only look at the many examples of programs disGrace aired during the actual 2005 trial. Not to mention the poisonous atmosphere of another disGrace stomping ground: Court TV. I find myself almost waiting for the show where she’ll ask the question in a screaming headline “IS MICHAEL JACKSON AN AX MURDER?” Maybe she’ll have the ghosts of the people he allegedly killed on her show? She can tell them to share with her audience all the gory allegations about what Jackson supposedly did to them. Or she can interview kids whom Jackson has never met, and berate them for not having the “courage” to accuse Jackson of molestation. All under the screaming headline: “DID MICHAEL JACKSON TELEPATHICALLY MOLEST KIDS?” I put absolutely nothing beneath her. Unfortunately for her, I’m not the only one who feels that way. But, again, I’m really not shocked that she would accuse Jackson of buying his own children that he’s had custody of since they were born. I simply think it’s totally pathetic. Maybe disGrace should stick to pushing emotionally fragile people into killing themselves (Melinda Ducket) and leave Jackson alone. -MJEOL

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