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Get all of the latest news, video, audio, fan reports, and comments about the World Music Awards being held tonight in London with special tributes to Michael Jackson. The King of Pop is receiving the DIAMOND AWARD given only to artists who have sold 100 Million or more in record sales. Check out some of the new pics showing Mike arriving at the awards show: (click for larger view) (read on for more info… :yay ) The [b]first[/b] audio report from behind the scenes has been posted in the DOWNLOADS section. It’s Chris Brown talking about the fact that he’s going to be participating in the tribute to Michael Jackson.

AUDIO DOWNLOAD: (accessible to all)

[b]Second[/b] report has Paris Hilton talking to the on-scene reporter. She says she’s known Mike since she was a little girl.

AUDIO DOWNLOAD: (accessible to all)

[b]Third [/b]report has the female reporter talking about how all the flashes went off when Mike arrived. She sounded excited about it herself.


For all the information, make sure to keep your eye on the big WMA official thread at the MJEOL FORUMS:

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