MJ’s Pal Hits Back at Critics

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[b]MJ’s Pal Hits Back at Critics[/b] She explains all about THAT appearance of his at the World Music Awards… World Music Awards founder Melissa Corken has spoken out in defence of MJ’s ‘performance’ at the bash last Wednesday night. Talking to MTV UK News, she said, “Let’s get this straight, Michael was coming to collect an award, not perform. He doesn’t have a record ready. “The press picked up on a rumour that he was going to sing ‘Thriller’. He was NEVER going to perform ‘Thriller’. It was always going to be Chris Brown performing as a tribute” She continued, “Michael was a little overwhelmed by (the press stories). He said I can’t do ‘Thriller’ because I haven’t done it for ten years. “He wasn’t quite ready to perform but he wanted to do something more than just accept his award so he decided to sing some of ‘We Are The World’. He was courageous enough to do that.” And while most of the British tabs bigged up how many boos he got, Melissa told us the overall vibe of the show was overwhelmingly positive. “He’s played two times at the WMAs already but this time was even more explosive – I’ve never felt energy like that before. It was just wonderful. Over 10,000 people from all across the world came to see him. “I love Michael, everyone assumes he’s a diva but he’s not – he demands nothing. He’s just a really nice simple man. I went to see him and his beautiful children chilling in their hotel room.” And despite all the stick he also got for his appearance, Melissa told us that up close MJ looks fine. “He has beautiful skin and nice hair. He was looking good.” Source: http://www.mtv.co.uk/channel/20112006/jackos_pal_hits_back_at_critics

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