Jackson Shopping with Kids in Vegas Sparks Smart-ass reporting – MiniBullet #27 Feb 14 2007 – Michael Jackson and his children were spotted shopping in Vegas at Caesar’s Palace yesterday (Feb 13). Despite the rather benign news, another celeb-addicted online website (tmz) again took the news as an opportunity to insult Jackson and his young family. The outing, possibly to celebrate the 10th birthday of Prince Michael Jackson, was the spark for the hateful write-up at the site which included a childish insult about Jackson’s face. Exactly what the hell does some kook’s opinion about Jackson’s face have to do with him shopping in Vegas? No, I don’t know the answer to that question either. But as we all know, smart-asses are a penny-a-dozen. I guess it’s never out of season for a media entity to whore-out his fame in an unproductive and negative fashion to increase their circulation…..or their internet traffic . I’m sure tmz probably isn’t the only one who did it either. Had it not been for the picture, I wouldn’t know about whom the blogger at the site was talking because he kept referring to someone named “Jacko”. I don’t accept or recognize that insulting title. Last time I checked, his name was Michael Jackson, not some hackneyed, tabloid-created name. Is this ‘Roots’? Well, at least they didn’t name him ‘Toby’.

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