Jackson Not Idol-bound Despite Rumors – MiniBullet #28

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[b]Jackson Not Idol-bound Despite Rumors – MiniBullet #28[/b] Feb 16 2007 – Despite the currently circulating rumors, Michael Jackson has confirmed that he will not appear on this season’s American Idol. According to [url=https://site2.mjeol.com/modules/news/article.php?storyid=2202]Access Hollywood[/url], Raymone Bain says, “There is absolutely no truth to the rumor that Michael Jackson is going to appear on ‘American Idol.” Bain goes on to say, “He has signed no agreements with anyone.” What is it about an unconfirmed Jackson story that certain segments of the media can’t seem to ignore until it’s been verified? Without any confirmation of this story to begin with, Countdown’s ‘too-cool-for-school’ local smart-ass Keith Olbermann took the opportunity during [url=http://community.mjeol.com/showthread.php?t=9365]his show yesterday (Feb 14 2007)[/url] to rag on Jackson’s rumored involvement. Olbermann’s snide comments about the Jackson rumor is part of his history of taking an unconfirmed rumor, adding the word “IF” to it and then discussing it as if it were true. Remember that false ‘Leprechaun amusement park in Ireland story’ he spread while using the opportunity to take shots at Jackson? One question asked by the prodding host was whether or not an Idol appearance could “rehabilitate” Jackson’s career. The assumption was that Jackson would bother to become involved with American Idol to allegedly ‘rehabilitate’ a career that doesn’t seem to need it all that much anyway. It seems that every time the megastar makes a move, it’s news. I mean, I didn’t exactly see Olbermann doing any reports yesterday about Tevin Campbell…or Bananarama…or those guys who put out that Macarena song…or any other once-famous person who could actually use substantial career rehab. Heck, we’re almost to the point where if Jackson was spotted walking down the street in public, it’s seen by the media as an attempt to ‘rehabilitate his career’! Contrary to the collective media’s group-think, every move he makes – or they THINK he’s making – isn’t an attempt to get the media’s attention. Nor is every rumor a possible scheme to further his career. It ain’t even as serious as all that. Olbermann’s remarks were underscored by the psychic reading from guest Maria Milito who claimed that even if Jackson were to participate in American Idol it wouldn’t do anything for his career. There’s been no word yet as to when she will be giving out the next winning lottery numbers. Miss Cleo must be jealous.

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