‘Dumb’ DJ Causes Fury over Lame Prank – MiniBullet#30

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[b]’Dumb’ DJ Causes Fury over Lame Prank – MiniBullet#30[/b] Feb 24 2007 – Who ever thinks that your age makes you an adult apparently had their theories tested by a dumbass DJ who took it upon himself to tell thousands of listeners that Michael Jackson had died in Las Vegas.

When it comes to Michael Jackson, there are really two main things which can set off fury not only among the Jackson fanbase, but among the general public as well. One is to be caught lying about being molested by him. The other is to pull a prank which involves spreading the lie that he’s dead. Concerning the latter blasphemous action, maybe DJ Double J from KWIN in California didn’t get that text message because his ass announced on the air that Jackson had died in Las Vegas. He chose to read a text message with the false death information on the air. It was supposed to be a prank. Needless to say, it backfired miserably. A flurry of calls came into the radio station from angry and highly upset listeners wanting to know whether or not the DJ was telling the truth. According to [url=http://community.mjeol.com/showthread.php?t=9416]CBS11TV[/url], the KWIN DJ death prank received responses from listeners ranging from disbelief to outright fury. Exactly what the hell DJ Double J thought he would accomplish by pulling a rather juvenile prank is beyond me. How stupid would you have to be to pull a prank like that? Did he really think that people just didn’t care about Jackson anymore and would find it funny? As if to excuse the ridiculousness, DJ Double J claimed to be Jackson’s “friend” and mentioned he’d been out to Neverland a couple of times. Going to Neverland doesn’t excuse joking about the owner’s death. With friends like these….well you know the rest. Anyway, the ‘friend’ excuse didn’t get him off the hook. One listener flat out challenged the ‘friend’ assertion, telling the DJ on the air: “I don’t believe you’re a friend of the Jacksons or any of it”. About the lame-ass joke, another listener reportedly stated, “I can’t believe you [expletive] would do something like that!” Neither can I. Yet another upset listener threatened, “That’s not funny at all. Just so you know I’ve already called all of your bosses and I’m calling the [expletive] FCC!” Yikes. You can listen to audio of some of the on-air responses here. Or you can watch the video report at CBS13’s website. The failed joke caused other media outlets to have to field dozens of calls from people trying to find out just what in the world happened. CBS13 reports that their own news desk received over a dozen inquiries from people about the report. Many of them said they had to pull over because they were crying while listening to what they thought was news of Jackson’s death during the radio show. Can you imagine driving down a highway and hearing from your favorite radio station that an artist you respected and listened to had just died? Would you be able to drive with all of your emotional faculties in tact on a road where accidents can occur in a split-second if you aren’t paying attention? I’m not sure whether this prank would be the equivalent of shouting fire in a crowded theatre (inciting panic or creating a dangerous situation) or not. Whether or not the station will get into any trouble with the FCC remains to be seen. But almost everyone seems to be in agreement that it was a ridiculous thing to do; whether it was done by a ‘friend’ or not. [img]https://site2.mjeol.com/uploads/img45d3b0f452891.gif[/img]

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