Jackson Rep: No Tour, No Vegas Show, No Robot

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JACKSON’S REP: NO TOUR SET, NO VEGAS SHOW AND NO ROBOT by Norm Clarke (Vegas Confidential) Michael Jackson has no tour or Las Vegas show in the works, no release date for his unfinished album and no knowledge of a 50-foot laser-firing robot. In the most definitive statement on Jackson’s future since his return to the U.S. in December, Bain told Vegas Confidential, his spokeswoman Raymone Bain said, “His No. 1 priority is completing his music and until that time he’s not going to be entertaining any thoughts of a tour or a show.” Jackson is, however, getting in shape to begin dance rehearsals for the video that will accompany his music, she said in a telephone interview. She characterized as “a hoax” a party invitation that … …surfaced last week that claimed Jackson was kicking off his tour with a performance and meet-and-greet at the Luxor in June. “That is just not happening.” “A Vegas show was always a rumor,” she said. “He’s never said it was a priority. He moved to Las Vegas to be closer to producers and songwriters and studio technicians. Jackson began recording last fall and has continued to work with Will I. Am of the Black Eyed Peas, she said. She said the report about a five-story robot in Jackson’s likeness is another fabrication. “He knows absolutely nothing about that and has never met with anyone to discuss it.” As far as Jackson’s recent meetings with uber-producer Simon Fuller and choreographer Kenny Ortega, she said she knows of “no business relationship at this time.” — NORM CLARKE, Vegas Confidential Source: http://www.normclarke.com/

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