Michael Jackson ‘a good parent’

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[b]Michael Jackson ‘a good parent'[/b] Tuesday Apr 17 09:00 AEST Troubled superstar Michael Jackson has been given the thumbs up as a father by a magazine publisher who traveled with him. Jamie Foster Brown, who publishes Sister 2 Sister magazine in the US, traveled with [Jackson] and his children to Japan last month. And Jamie insisted that even though the children were made to cover their faces in public, behind the scenes Jackson seemed like a regular dad. “He just seemed to be a good parent,” she insisted. “More so than most of us!” Jamie says [Jackson’s] children Prince Michael, 10, Paris, 9, and Prince Michael II, 5, did not have their faces covered when they were indoors. “They were walking around me, and we were taking pictures without [their veils] — they were very loose,” Jamie said. “But when they did go outside, they put the scarves around the children’s faces. “I just noticed also how nice the kids were. They’re not privileged at all. They have a lot of fun with [Michael]. “They’re intelligent, extremely well-spoken, and they like to play jokes.” It was one such moment when one of the kids was fooling around that Jackson reprimanded him, thinking he had been rude to Brown. “That was his misunderstanding,” she said. “He wasn’t raised around people ‘playing the dozens,’ using slang or stuff like that. “He doesn’t know about kids showing off — you don’t take that badly. He just seemed to be a good parent. More so than most of us!” Jackson’s mother, Katharine, was also on the Japan jaunt, during which Disneyland Tokyo closed the whole park down for them, Brown says. A $3,500-a-head dinner with the singer sold out, and devoted fans still felt the thrill. “People were falling down. People were fainting,” Brown insists. Splash News / Snapper Media Source: [url]http://news.ninemsn.com.au/article.aspx?id=261489[/url]

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