Aphrodite Jones writes New Book about Media Bias? – MiniBullet#36

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Aphrodite Jones writes New Book about Media Bias? – MiniBullet#36

APRIL 30 2007 – Former Michael Jackson hater, Aphrodite Jones, apparently has written a new book. Before you roll your eyes in disgust (as I did when I first heard about it), hold on a minute.

If the write up on Jones’s website for the new book rings true, she may not be as delusional as some of us think she is. This opinion, of course, is based on the pre-release information available so far.

MJEOL does not endorse Jones' new book because we haven't had access to the content yet. But if Jones intends to be honest, she will also name names and go through points of dishonesty publicly perpetrated by those she once hung out with on the air.

According to the new book, titled Michael Jackson Conspiracy and set to be released in June 2007, Jones came to a sudden realization of how she and her colleagues played a part in a media mob against Michael Jackson before and during the trial.

 From the website about the new book:

In June 2005, when Aphrodite Jones made her last appearance on The O’Reilly Factor related to the Michael Jackson trial, she experienced a striking moment of clarity: "As I made one of my last public comments on the case,” she remembers, “I realized that I had become one of the media bunch who had predetermined the outcome of the trial, wrongly. Many people around me were so sure of Jackson’s guilt. Many reporters had slanted TV and radio coverage to suit the prosecution, and I was one of those folks who had followed that dangerous trend.” . (source: Aphrodite Jones’s latest book project)

Let's see how many of her colleagues turn on her after she dares to state obvious: the media bias against Jackson was as plain as day.

The website also states that the attorney representing Jackson during the 2005 trial, Thomas Mesereau, has written the forward for Jones new book.

As for the "case" against, Jones apparently will "examine" it in the book. It remains to be determined how accurate or inaccurate Jones will be.

As you know, MJEOL as well as many of you who frequent the website, covered the "case" and had access to some of the official courtroom transcripts.

Facts and information is readily available by going through our archive of MJEOL BULLETS and news reports. Here's a snippet from the website for the book Michael Jackson Conspiracy:

What emerges from Michael Jackson Conspiracy is an image of the vulnerability of the most powerful entertainer in the world. All of the myths you have been lead to believe will be shattered. Everything you have come to know about Jackson will be upturned after you read Michael Jackson Conspiracy. (source: Aphrodite Jones’s latest book project)

Again, MJEOL does not endorse the statements on this website unless and until we are given the opportunity to view it's content.

Caution is always advised when dealing with any member of the media about ANYTHING related to Michael Jackson. But let’s just hope that someone has the guts enough to publicly say what we all know to be true at least with regard to the media’s ridiculously one-sided coverage of Jackson. Stay tuned.

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