Dimond on Inside Edition Pushing Vapid Jackson RumorsÂ…Again – MiniBullet#37

Dimond on Inside Edition Pushing Vapid Jackson Rumors…Again – MiniBullet#37

MAY 9 2007 – ‘It must be pretty pathetic to be Diane Dimond right now, ‘ I said to myself while watching what some have called a ‘hack’ reporter appear on Inside Edition yesterday (May 8).

The poor thing appeared just in the nick of time to spread rather bland rumors about Jackson’s current life. It seems highly dubious that Dimond would know anything at all about Jackson’s current life, let alone connected enough to know about his personal dealings with people in other countries.

I thought that online guy over at Fox News was the only one delusional enough to think that? Maybe she’s swiping some of his material?

In the aftermath of Jackson’s full acquittal on false charges of child molestation in 2005, Dimond has all but disappeared. I would say she’s been in exile from the airwaves if I were inclined to fits of ridiculous melodramatics like most of the media are when reporting news about Jackson.

Nancy Grace is OUT at Court TV

Nancy Grace Is Exiting Court TV By Anne Becker — Broadcasting & Cable, 5/8/2007 8:52:00 AM Nancy Grace, whose show, Closing Arguments, was being cut from two hours to one as part of a general network overhaul, will stay at Court through the summer and will keep her show on co-owned net, Headline News. Grace said she was leaving the network after 10 years to focus on her headline show and outside activities.