Dimond on Inside Edition Pushing Vapid Jackson RumorsÂ…Again – MiniBullet#37

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Dimond on Inside Edition Pushing Vapid Jackson Rumors…Again – MiniBullet#37

MAY 9 2007 – ‘It must be pretty pathetic to be Diane Dimond right now, ‘ I said to myself while watching what some have called a ‘hack’ reporter appear on Inside Edition yesterday (May 8).

The poor thing appeared just in the nick of time to spread rather bland rumors about Jackson’s current life. It seems highly dubious that Dimond would know anything at all about Jackson’s current life, let alone connected enough to know about his personal dealings with people in other countries.

I thought that online guy over at Fox News was the only one delusional enough to think that? Maybe she’s swiping some of his material?

In the aftermath of Jackson’s full acquittal on false charges of child molestation in 2005, Dimond has all but disappeared. I would say she’s been in exile from the airwaves if I were inclined to fits of ridiculous melodramatics like most of the media are when reporting news about Jackson.

Remember, this is the same Dimond who disappeared after the defunct tabloid show Hard Copy went belly up, only to reappear in dramatic fashion while standing with a camera crew outside the gates of Neverland as police entered Jackson’s ranch in November 2003. Just lucky? Hell no.

Dimond was all over the place before and during the trial as if she was the authority on all-things-Jackson. But, oh how the mighty hath fallen! With no more trial, and a backhand slap from the Santa Maria jury who looked at all of the evidence (or lack thereof) and acquitted Jackson, Dimond appears to be at a loss for coming up with ways to get back on the air.

Surely, Jackson acquittal didn’t really help her career advancement opportunities, or her attempt to sell books with a collection of unsubstantiated Jackson “news” from unnamed sources.

After the trial, Dimond got the boot at Court TV when they decided not to renew her contract. Gee, I wonder why? (see Dimond's not forever at Court TV)

On the Inside Edition segment, Dimond claimed that “sources close to him [Jackson]” told her x, y, and z about this, that, and the other. Despite the fact that Dimond didn’t provide any proof to substantiate her claims, it’s questionable as to whether anyone close enough to know anything about Jackson would tell her anything whatsoever about his personal dealings.

Dimond is not a journalist in the same manner that Linda Deutsch or Brian Williams are ‘journalists’. The tabloid reporter is not the first person who comes to mind that a Jackson insider would go to in order to provide unfiltered news and information to the public about the superstar. Let’s get real, here.

Not to be out-bi+ched by Dimond, another self-proclaimed Jackson know-it-all – who too has written a book about him – also commented on Inside Edition. Darwin Porter commented on unsubstantiated plans Jackson supposedly had while in the country of Dubai and proclaimed that those plans all “went down the tubes”.

Well, hey, if I were looking for a way to explain away why previously unfounded or outright false reports about Jackson’s plans didn’t come true, I’d probably use an excuse like that, too.

After all, no one can really prove it didn’t happen, can they? Some rather intelligent observers have speculated that these types of unsubstantiated reports through people like Dimond are only meant to draw a rebuttal from Jackson’s side revealing his true whereabouts and his true plans.

It’s one sneaky-ass way of getting information. It’s also sort of pitiful. The Inside Edition segment didn’t end there.

Host Debra Norville is heard making statements about Jackson’s most recent sightings in Ireland and London. We already know the rumor about Jackson being thrown out of a castle in Ireland was a bunch of crap.

Particularly about London, Norville said “Next stop, London, where Jackson angered many fans who paid thousands to attend a comeback concert.” That statement is just blatantly false.

The only question is whether the lie made it to broadcast on purpose or whether it was the product of a lazy and misinformed researcher on Inside Edition’s staff.

As reported at MJEOL earlier, this is in reference to the brouhaha around the World Music Awards in London. Jackson was never going to do a ‘comeback’ anything, let alone a concert in London.

He wasn’t even scheduled to perform, but rather wanted to acknowledge his fans. Don’t take my word for it. Jackson himself talked very briefly with a reporter before going into the arena for the World Music Awards.

In the clip, you can make out Jackson saying "I'm receiving an award. It's not a performance…". It was never meant to be a comeback performance. He never promised it would be. But, as with other things, he gets blamed because of someone else’s expectations and misunderstandings.

As for the second part of that ridiculous Norville proclamation, fans didn’t have to pay thousands of dollars to go there either. As a matter of fact, according to this press release from Raymone Bain, Jackson’s team even cooperated with organizers in letting the first 200 fans into the show for free, and other fans were to be sold tickets at a discounted rate.

It took me less than 5 minutes to find this information in our MJEOL archive of articles. But what really seems to irk both Norville and Dimond is the fact that anyone would pay thousands of dollars to meet and take pictures with Jackson, like what happen when Jackson recently visited Japan.

Inside Edition made the deal out of that. What they failed to mention, however, is that many of these people were part of the business community, and that Jackson later held a special get together for fans who couldn’t afford the high-priced meet-and-greet.

Norville called Jackson’s activities in Japan “bizarre”. Spare us all the melodramatics, please. Dimond proclaimed that Jackson walked away with a “fist full of dollars”.

As if she was supposed to get permission from them about what to do with his money. The criticism sounds a bit bitter to me considering that it’s questionable if Dimond could even get 50 cents and box of KFC for anybody to take a picture with her.

But I digress. The larger problem here seems to be that a certain segment of the media are not willing to walk away when they have been publicly made fools out of, repeatedly, when much of their ‘Jackson news’ has turned out to be false.

At some point, some of these folk have to recognize that maybe they have been all wrong about many things for a very long time where Jackson is concerned.

However, some people never learn and are still chasing a Jackson gravy train that left the station a long time ago. Let’s hope that Dimond will shrink away quietly or at least find another gimmick to boost her career other than trying to help Jackson get convicted for doing something he never did.

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