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Wednesday, May 23 [b]Aphrodite Jones: “Shame On Us”[/b] One of the gazillion reporters assigned to the Michael Jackson trial has a tell-all book about how the media got the story wrong. On June 10, she’ll be in L.A. to be honored by the Brookins Community A.M.E. Church for her work — and, presumably, to hock some books. Aphrodite Jones, wrote Michael Jackson Conspiracy, after two years of reviewing official transcripts and evidence provided by the court. According to her publicist, Jones’ book rakes documentarian Martin Bashir over the coals, finds a link between Jacko and Anthony Pellicano and revisits the unstable nature of the accuser’s mom. Mostly, though, it rips the media a new one. We can’t wait. Source: [url=http://www.mediabistro.com/fishbowlLA/journos/aphrodite_jones_shame_on_us_59582.asp]MediaBistro[/url]

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