London Updates: MJ to Attend Party? – MiniBullet #41

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London Updates : MJ to Attend Party? – MiniBullet #41

MAY 24 2007 – New updates about Michael Jackson’s visit to London are coming by way of MJJFORUM and MJNO today (May 24). According to the latest information, Jackson is staying at the Royal Gardens Hotel in Kensington, London.

He was spotted there Tuesday night by fans outside the hotel. To be clear, as of now, this information is solely based on fan reports. MJEOL cannot independently confirm this info. We’re just trying to keep you up to date on what the fans are reporting.

Wednesday, fans report that Jackson left the hotel around 7pm and visited a private residence where Jackson, a member of the Brunei Royal family, his nanny and children boarded a coach.

Jackson is said to have waved out of the window and was wearing a red shirt and black pants. But enough of the fashion report. LOL!

The coach, again according to fan sightings, took Jackson to a “stately home” where the party for Prince Azim is supposed to be held. Jackson is believed to be staying there along with many other celebrities who will be in attendance.

The party is reported to last at least two days, Friday and Saturday. Friday evening will have a “casino” theme, while Saturday’s celebration will reportedly have a “country” theme.

Saturday evening’s highlight is said to be the Black & White ball where Dionne Warwick will sing and where Jackson is scheduled to make a speech and “mingle with party-goers”.

It’s important to remember that there were conflicting reports about whether his children were with him when he arrived in London.

Let’s hope they all have a great time while some members of the media bi+ch and moan about whether o r not Jackson will get paid for his appearance at the party, and cry in their cold soup because they weren’t invited.



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