Jackson Slaps Down ‘Prince’ Reports – MiniBullet#43

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Jackson Slaps Down 'Prince' Reports – MiniBullet #43

False reports from a "British newspaper" (tabloid) claim that Michael Jackson had approached singer Prince and proposed a string of concerts to supposedly help re-launch his career. But that wouldn't be attention-grabbing enough would it?

So, the additional detail of Prince turning Jackson down was tacked onto the apparently fake news report as well. The story is a crock of crap according to Jackson spokesperson Raymone Bain.

When asked to comment on the story by Eurweb.com, Bain told the celebrity news site the Prince rumor is untrue and that the superstar hasn't spoken to Prince let alone proffered a concert plan.

According to Bain's statement:

The article is completely false. These respective publications remain consistent in that reporters did not contact us regarding the validity of the story before writing it. Mr. Jackson has not approached Prince to perform with him on a 'planned comeback tour.' There have been no discussions with Prince. Period. We have been consistent in stating that Mr. Jackson is readying his music for release, which is his main priority at this time. (see REP DENIES MIJAC WANTED TO TOUR WITH PRINCE: Raymone Bain counters story in London paper; says the two never spoke.)

When trying to decipher whether or not a claim like this is true — BEFORE snatching it up and putting it all over the web — people interested in the truth should have tried to get confirmation.

Fat chance of that happening when it comes to 'Jackson news'. Checking Google's news site, the false Prince report is all over the web.

What are the chances, I wonder, of these sites issuing a follow up report with the truth? I ain't gonna hold my breath.



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