Aphrodite Jones Blogs about New Book, FOX appearance – MiniBullet #44

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Aphrodite Jones Blogs about New Book, FOX appearance – MiniBullet #44

June 7 2007 – Aphrodite Jones has posted her first blog "ever" about her new book, Michael Jackson Conspiracy.

Jones has written what is promised to a controversial book because it takes aim at the ridiculously shallow and often inaccurate reporting about everything from what came out in court during the 2005 trial, to Jackson's alleged psychological state.

According to Jones's June 5 blog entry, the new book "exposes the media bias surrounding Michael Jackson". Jones writes that she uses "trial evidence to show people how slanted news coverage can be".

The writer even takes aim at her June 3 appearance on the Geraldo Rivera's FOX show. As reported by a post at whiperdispatch.com , Mark Fuhrman — joking called the king of the N-word — also appeared on the show.

At the time, many questioned the importance of having Fuhrman on the show during Jones's segment because he neither covered the Jackson trial nor read Jones's book. On her blog, Jones raised that question as well. She writes:

…just as I was getting into a discussion about the media bias against Michael Jackson, the camera went to Mark Fuhrman, who trashed Jackson all the way. What stunned me was that Fuhrman seemed to have no clue about what he was saying. For one thing, Fuhrman wasn’t ever at the Jackson trial, nor had he bothered to do “catch up” homework about my book. Furthermore, he seemed to admit that he had a slanted view about the trumped up charges against Michael, and felt Michael was guilty, regardless of the jury verdicts. (see michaeljacksonconspiracy.blogspot.com)

Many observers and fans who had seen the broadcast were figuratively scratching their heads as to what Fuhrman could add to the discussion during post interview topic discussions. Jones, however, had her suspicions. She goes on to write in her blog:

I was shocked to realize that here I was, trying to set the record straight about the Michael Jackson trial. And meanwhile, Fuhrman decided that, for his part, he was going to give the public more disinformation about Michael Jackson.

No arguments here. Jones not only talked about Fuhrman and the book, she also criticized herself during her coverage of the Jackson trial.

As you may remember, at the time she, too, was part of the bandwagon of talking heads stuck in what has been referred to by media critics as "group-think".

She stated that she was guilty of reporting a slanted view because back then she, and many of her colleagues, thought Jackson was "guilty" before they had heard any evidence.

According to Jones, the media coverage was "hype-oriented, not content-oriented." Again, no arguments here. Jones stated she wrote the book because she wanted to "create a lesson out of the damage perpetuated by baseless hype".

The author decided to write the book a year after the trial was over and after she gained access to the evidence at the Santa Maria courthouse.

The evidence included a videotape of the accuser talking to police. For example, from the taped evidence, she learned that the accuser had lied to the police even during his initial police interview, according to her blog entry.

Jones's book is not the first one about Jackson replete with shocking information. Geraldine Hughes, the only legal secretary around Barry Rothman (the 1993 accuser's first attorney) released a book titled "Redemption: The Truth Behind the Michael Jackson Child Molestation Allegations".

Hughes's book dealt more with her experience around the 1993 allegation. You can purchase Hughes's book online now at places like Walmart.com and Amazon.com .

Hughes is said to be working on another Jackson related book.

Jones is scheduled to appear at the Brookins AME Church in Los Angeles, CA on June 11 from 7PM to 9PM local time.


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