The Day the Media and Other Vultures Lost Millions of Dollars – MB #323

The Day the Media and Other Vultures Lost Millions of Dollars – MB #323

JUNE 13 2007 – Where were you two years ago today? If you don’t really remember, you were not paying any attention to the news at the time.

Two years ago, a conservative, non-black jury in Santa Maria California effectively snatched hundreds of millions – if not a billion – dollars from the collective media by following the evidence, instead of public opinion. Everything, including the kitchen sink, was thrown into the trial of 2005 in an attempt to convict Jackson of a crime which never took place.

rosecutors wanted the jury to convict based on drawing conclusions from speculation, whereas the defense wanted the jury to acquit based on irrefutable evidence. When the jurors couldn’t bring themselves to throw Jackson under the bus by ignoring the evidence in favor of public opinion and their own financial gain, many members of the media were dumbfounded.

Jackson Tops PopScores Chart? – MiniBullet #45

June 13 2007 – Michael Jackson tops the PopScores chart for the highest percentage of people who would buy his new material. However, the information is being reported by the The Sun, a UK tabloid that has already had to apologize for running a false story about Jackson getting paid $10 million to attend the birthday party of Prince Azim (the son of the Sultan of Brunei).

A link to the article from The Sun is found on the Entertainment Media Research website, though. According to the gossip, 82% of his fans would buy his new material, which was the highest score for any of the artists.