Is Fox News Intentionally not showing Jones interview? – MiniB#47

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Is Fox News Intentionally not showing Aphrodite Jones's interview? – MiniB#47

JUNE 28 2007 – Author Aphrodite Jones has written an eyeopening book into the media's general lack of accurate, balanced reporting during the Michael Jackson trial.

A large part of the work also deals with facts about the actual trial which were either overlooked or purposely ignored during the media coverage. Earlier it was announced that Jones would be interviewed by Bill O'Reilly on June 21 2007. Though the interview for that blowhard's show was taped on June 21, it has yet to air.

Jones said the network was supposed to be contacting her to give her a broadcast date for the interview. As of today, Jones says, she has yet to be contacted by Fox news and given an air date.

An [url=]email from Jones's camp[/url] went out to supporters of her new Jackson book saying Jones has received numerous inquiries about when the interview will air, but has no idea when Fox will decided to air it.

Is Fox intentionally putting the kibosh on Jones's interview because the facts and information found in her book is directly contradictory to a great number of on-air reports broadcast by the network during the 2005 Jackson trial?

As you may remember, it was rumored that a fair amount of pressure came from higher-ups to shut down Geraldo Rivera from even speaking about the Jackson case after the on-air anchor lambasted the prosecution for bringing such a ridiculously illogical and factually hollow case against Jackson.

From the information known to us as of now, Rivera was the only one to get shutdown while other on-air correspondents and anchors were allowed to continuously shill for the prosecution and pollute the discussion by injecting false information into their reporting.

Thus, it certainly wouldn't be surprising if Jones's information was too explosive for both Fox and others –who generally hate Jackson based on false information — to handle. They certainly have no qualms about allowing their resident wannabe-Jackson-'psychic' / online attack dog to post questionable 'news item' after questionable 'news item' on their Fox news website.

I suppose at Fox news, one can ONLY be 'fair and balanced' as long as they're talking about Jackson like he's a piece of $hit.

Those who wish to contact FOX News and/or Bill O'Reilly and politely ask him to show the Jones interview, can do so by using the following contact information:


Fox News General Phone: 1-888-369-4762

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'We report, you decide'. Ha! Stay tuned.




Admin Note: Since writing this report, Fox News did eventually air Aphrodite Jones's interview at the end of one of O'Reilly's shows.

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