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MIJAC’S REP RAYMONE BAIN IS UPSET: Letter to Lee Bailey addresses yesterday’s story regarding BET and Md/Va house hunting. Although EUR is just the messenger, Raymone K. Bain is too through with our passing along what she has described as “misinformation” from Fox.com columnist Roger Friedman regarding her client, Michael Jackson. On Wednesday, we mentioned Friedman’s column about Jackson’s invitation to attend the recent BET Award ceremony for a special “Thriller” album tribute and to present his mentor Diana Ross with her Lifetime Achievement Award. Friedman said plans fell through because Jackson was “too incapacitated to appear.” In a letter to EUR’s Lee Bailey, Bain says Jackson had conversations with the network about attending the ceremony, but the information “being disseminated in the media with regards to Mr. Jackson’s invitation …is false. We cannot understand why anyone affiliated with the program would deliberately misrepresent the facts or attempt to defame Mr. Jackson.” “Mr. Jackson spoke personally to BET CEO Debra Lee regarding his invitation to attend the ceremony,” Bain tells EUR. “Mr. Jackson respects BET and was one of the first recording artists to DEMAND that his record company cooperate with, at the time, a newly established network.” As for Friedman’s reports that Jackson is moving to a rental home in Virginia, Bain says: “Mr. Jackson is not “relocating” to the East Coast, he is merely looking for a vacation home; and, as I have indicated, his search is not limited to a particular region at this time.” The Washington Post reported Wednesday that the King of Pop and his three kids spent about “24 hours” on Maryland’s Eastern Shore last week scouting rental properties. “He’s always admired the properties on the East Coast because they have a lot of land,” Bain explained to the Post. “Neverland has 3,000 acres—he likes privacy. You can’t find as many properties like that on the West Coast.” Bain also confirmed to the Post Friedman’s notion that Jackson was headed east to be closer to the majority of his advisers and attorneys. But she also said what she later reaffirmed to EUR – that any new home in the area would be strictly a vacation spot for Jackson. Source: http://www.eurweb.com/story/eur34815.cfm

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