Chuck Henry Interview #2 with Debbie Rowe Nov 25 1997

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Chuck Henry Interview #2 with Debbie Rowe Nov 25 1997

Introduction by Kelly Lange:
We finally get to see the Jackson 3 together. The mom Debbie Rowe Jackson, dad the King of Pop, of course, Michael Jackson, and his Prince, their son. Chuck Henry spent the day with the family at Jackson's Neverland Ranch, and he came back with a very special report. Chuck …

Chuck Henry: Thanks Kelly. Debbie Rowe Jackson invited us up to the Neverland Ranch because she wanted to put the rumors and the speculation to rest. She wanted us to see her son. She wanted to talk about life with Michael. She says that she never thought living in the spotlight would be so difficult.

Debbie: I, I didn't think it was going to be this brutal, really…

Chuck Henry: Debbie Rowe talking about the tabloids. I met the Jackson family this weekend at their ranch in Neverland. And I asked Debbie Rowe to once again set the record straight. The tabloid have characterized her as a joke or a freak for having Michael's son.

Debbie: It's very hurtful, even if it's a lie. And, I don't care what The Enquirer says. They're not truthful, they're not truthful, they don't go for the facts. They go for the sensationalism, they go for the story, they don't care who they hurt.

Chuck Henry: Then there are the stories about Michael having an affair with his ex-wife Lisa Marie Presley. Like the weekend they appeared together in South Africa.

Debbie: Then I heard that same weekend that Michael had married Lisa in Johannesburg. So I waited for him to call me that night and I said, "Oh, Congratulations," and he said, "For what?" I said, "You and Lisa got married, it's wonderful." I said, "Wait a minute, that means you have two wives!"

Chuck Henry: How does the Lisa thing get so out of hand.

Debbie: I'm not sure, if it's they want to think that Michael's out having an affair, that he's not capable of having a friendship. You know that, maybe with most people you can't have a friendship or relationship with an ex-wife or friend of the opposite sex, because all of a sudden you're sleeping together.

Chuck Henry: You never worry about anything, like fidelity?

Debbie: No

Chuck Henry: Cheating on you? Anything like that?

Debbie: No, no we have great communication. It's totally by my approval, they have a relationship, and what people don't understand is his relationship with her is separate from his relationship with me. They're friends, they're very good friends, and I would never, I would never tell him, "Oh, you can't see your friends." He would never tell me I can't see my friends. I am glad that they have a relationship together. I am glad to see them together, they have a lot in common.

Now there's nothing Michael could do that would humiliate me. Nothing. If there was ever a time when we would not want to be together, then we would decide that…like I said 6 months ago, my friendship with him is the most important thing to me, and if this marriage gets in the way of that friendship, then we'll put that marriage aside. But I want to go on as friends, that's more important to me then anything else, especially with having kids.

Chuck Henry: I have always felt for Michael and now I feel for him even more. In fairness we contacted The Enquirer about it's response, the executive editor of the paper claims that they were the first to break many stories about the Jackson's.

Chuck Henry: The Jackson 3. What is it like to live with Michael Jackson? What kind of a dad is he? And what is it like to be his wife? Debbie Rowe Jackson invited us to the Neverland Ranch in the Santa Ynez Valley, she answered those questions and for the first time she got the record straight about baby number two.

This is where baby Prince is growing up, it's a place called Neverland. It's here that we captured pictures, for the first time ever, of mom, the King of Pop, and his Prince. All at home on this quiet ranch.

Debbie: It's heaven, it's heaven and it's where he can get away and be a dad, and be a kid, with his kid.

Chuck Henry: And, the kind of father Michael is..

Debbie: The best, look at him (Michael and Prince sitting on grass, playing). That's what it's all about. That is what all this is about and that's the only thing that makes the rumors tolerable is that I can go and see that. And it's ok. With all the bad stuff that's written about him, it's too bad that they can't see what I see.

Chuck Henry: When Michael is home, can you give me an idea of what his day is like, I mean as far as with his son.

Debbie: Well, whenever they baby's awake, he's with the baby the whole time. If the baby's napping, that when he steals away to work, to write music, to dance.

Chuck Henry: But pretty soon this dad won't be stealing away from only one baby. The Jackson family is growing.

So you're expecting?

Debbie: Yes, a little girl in May. And we are going to name her Paris Michael Katherine. I wanted to name her Michael after Michael but Michael said no. So we decided Paris because that's where she was conceived. Michael, because I really want Michael's name in her name, and Katherine after his mom.

Chuck Henry: And how does Michael feel about having a baby girl?

Debbie: He's picking out clothes already to dress her up. You know, he's, he loves kids.

Chuck Henry: When we first came out the door, he said, "Well wait a minute, I want to go back up and get some toys for him." For Prince, so he goes back up and he brings down this giant lollipop, or whatever it was.

Debbie: Yeah, like father like son, definitely had daddy's sweet tooth.

Chuck Henry: So little Prince is going to have a little sister.

Debbie: Yes.

Chuck Henry: How about after that?

Debbie: Give me a minute, give me a minute, I'm getting old. I hope so, I hope we can have a lot of kids together. He's such a great dad.

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