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Entertainment Tonight Exclusive (July, 16, 1997)

MARY HART: Michael Jackson puts on a spectacular show but there's only one way to get backstage with the King of Pop and his special guest, ex- wife Lisa Marie Presley, and that's with this Entertainment Tonight exclusive. Only a select few are allowed into Michael Jackson's inner sanctum… MICHAEL: ET, follow me.

MARY HART: While 73 000 eager fans waited out in front of Wembley Stadium, we were backstage capturing some very rare moments on camera. The former Mrs. Jackson, Lisa Marie Presley, was in Britain visiting him and we found her backstage in Michael's dressing room before his performance. The two are now good friends and he had invited her to watch the show. Before every concert Michael, his band, and crew, have a private prayer followed by a cheer that psyches everybody up for the nearly 3 hour show. [Michael and his crew are shown in a prayer circle]

KEVIN DORSEY (ASSISTANT. MUSICAL DIRECTOR): He is such an open person when it comes to his creativity, umm, he expects nothing of us that he doesn't expect of himself.

MARY HART: At each city on his European HIStory Tour Michael has invited some disadvantaged kids to join him on-stage and they each get the chance to meet their idol. As the crowd roars with anticipation over Michael's entrance he uses the time to quietly reflect. And as he hits the stage, mayhem erupts. Michael's on-stage family include many who have been with him for years, including guitarist Jennifer Batten.

JENNIFER BATTEN: He completely changed my life, you know, I was doing the L.A. club scene, just trying to make ends meet and BAM – I'm on a paid vacation around the world having just the time of my life playing in the biggest band in the world. And yeah, I'll always feel an intense gratitude and love for him for that.

MARY HART: Michael has up to fifteen costume changes. Designer Michael Bush has been with Jackson for fifteen years and gave us an inside look at the one-of-a-kind outfits including this from-fitting breast plate (muestran el peto que Michael usa al comienzo del concierto)

MICHAEL BUSH: Ah, it's sterling silver plated and 18 carat gold plated. It's pretty light.

MARY HART: This hologram coat (muestran el abrigo) is one of Michael's favorites. The clothes are coordinated to blend with the songs Jackson performs.

MICHAEL BUSH: We wanna keep him real light in the beginning cause of the energy, as the show kinda slows down through the ballads you can give him a little more heavier coats (muestran el abrigo). Then we go, cause this is actually rubber (mueven el abrigo), then we go into the ah, like Blood on the Dance Floor, this starts getting more form fitting (sacan la chaqueta azul que Michael usa), and then at the end of the show we start going into silk shirts when he's really like almost overheated and he's performed for over two hours.

MARY HART: So you may be wondering about the inspiration behind what Michael wears onstage. Michael's designers say they keep an eye on what's happening in fashion and they always try to stay one dance step ahead. Michael's tour has one more night in London, and then winds its way through Europe until the beginning of September.

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