Harry Benson Interview on the Today Show Nov 20 1997

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Harry Benson Interview on the Today Show Nov 20 1997

Katey: How did this photo shoot come about?

Harry: Well, David Friend, who's the director or photography, at Life, he's been keeping in touch with Michael, as we all have, over the years, and Michael thought it was a good idea for us to come along and photograph his baby. He also wants Life to photograph the baby, every year of his life. Like what we did for Elizabeth Taylor.
Katey: I understand that he hand-picked you, Harry, to take the pictures, is that right?

Harry: Well, I've alwasy had a nice relationship with him and I think because Life doesn't do nasty stories. You know, we just do… here we are… just take the … you know, this is it.

Katey: They don't pass judgement.

Harry: Yeah. You know…It's America's Magazine.

Katey: What were your impressions of Michael and how he was interacting with the baby? Now, they call him Prince?

Harry: Well, he called him…Michael called him Apple Head.

Katey: Apple Head?

Harry: Yes, Apple Head. (Se ríe un poco)

Katey: Oh, well, that's a nice little…Heeheehee.

Harry: No, it was all very touching and very sensitive. It was really very nice. It was very…you know, a nice scene.

Katey: He was quite the doting father.

Harry: Absolutely! I asked him if he liked to change diapers and he said Nooo, he didn't like to do it, but he did it.

Katey: And it was a surprise for him to allow you to come into the baby's nursery or was it his bedroom?

Harry: His bedroom. And it's not unusual for me to ask for people's bedrooms. I like to see people's bedrooms because they are the battle stations, the working place. You know, the life is in the bedroom.

Katey: And at the same time, I know that you were pleasantly surprised that he was okay with that, that he was so open to you going all over the place.

Harry: Yeah. The only thing odd about the bedroom was that there was a huge throne in it. You know, it had this big red throne.

Katey: Is that where he sits or… the baby?

Harry: Well, he sat there, with the baby, and it was very nice. You know, he fed the baby. And he did a lot of nice things that you would do if the mother's not at home, that day.

Katey: Yeah, where is the mother, she doesn't live in the house, right?

Harry: Yeah, well…Michael says she comes up and she's here quite often. But, then again, I wasn't at home a lot either, when my kids were coming up.

Katey: Let's take a look at the other photo because I know he was very specific about the photos he wanted you to show. [Muestran una foto de Prince sobre el escenario de Michael, sentado con un micrófono en la mano y Michael observándolo] That's a cute picture.

Harry: Yes, this is a place that he wanted to show me and to me it's pretty obvious that I think Michael Jackson will have about 10 children and they will all be in show business. They'll all be on the stage with him.

Katey: It'll be the Jackson 10, this time?

Harry: MmmHmm (ríe) Or the 7.

Katey: Because, apparently, Debbie Rowe is pregnant again, with another child?

Harry: Yes, that's right. And I'm sure he wants a whole big troop on stage with him

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