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The Michael and Kyla Novel

MJ and Kyla Novel

Read the first piece of content ever created for MJEOL: The Michael & Kyla Novel. Currently, 60 chapters of romantic story are up in PDF form. Download ’em today!

{xtypo_sticky}Parts 1-5 | Parts 6-10  | Parts 11-15 | Parts 16-20 | Parts 21-29 | Parts 30-39 | Parts 40-49 | Parts 50-60

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Celebrity Profile for MJ

 I know! I know! But that astrology stuff is really interesting! In some cases, it seems to fit him so well based on what we all think we know about him. 😛

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Sexy MJ

Mysterious_Brotha shares his outside view on the "sexiness" of Michael Jackson. Here’s an excerpt:
{xtypo_quote}Ok, now you may have expected this topic to be discussed by just a female. But once again, let me be the FIRST male poster on this HORNY board in HIStory to make my own statement on Michael being the Ultimate Sex God that he is.{/xtypo_quote}

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