Dieter Wiesner Lawsuit Dismissed – MiniBullet#53

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(MJEOL) Sept 26 2007 – The latest news from lesliemjhu ( is that a lawsuit filed against Michael Jackson by former manager and fan-suspected “shady” businessman Dieter Wiesner has been dismissed by a judge in Los Angeles.

Before Judge Joseph S. Biderman is said to have dismissed the lawsuit, the blog post states, parties agreed to engage in settlement discussions. The way the blog post reads, it’s unclear if the judge dismissed the case or if Wiesner’s side decided to drop it.

Reportedly, after Jackson’s deposition was taken in relation to the lawsuit, “the parties agreed to dismiss not only parts of the claims, but the entire case”.

As of now, the details of why the judge is said to have dismissed the lawsuit or why Wiesner decided it was best not to fight Jackson in court are unknown.

If you remember, {tag Dieter Wiesner} was one of “the two Germans” referred to by welfare fraud Janet Arvizo who claimed the two held her and her family hostage at Neverland … at the same time she was out getting a body wax, and her family was spending Jackson’s money, going to the movies, being flown to Florida with Chris Tucker on a private jet, etc. (See article )

Wiesner was also part of a list of characters referred to by Jackson’s ex-wife, Debbie Rowe, as “opportunistic vultures” when she testified at the 2005 trial where Jackson was acquitted on false molestation allegations. (See notes from trial April 28 2005)


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