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Nobel Peace Prize Project Initiated by Indie Group of MJ Fans – MiniB#54

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OCT 8 2007 – An independent, international group of Michael Jackson fans have taken the initiative to get the superstar nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize for a third time.
The group of volunteers is also planning to include signatures from supporters around the world when they contact important persons to try to help make the nomination a reality.

The founder and president of the project is also a member of the MJEOL forums: member "Shannon" aka Veronica. She became interested in this type of project after witnessing what she calls the "unfairness and painful turmoil" that Jackson went through during the 2005 trial where Jackson was falsely accused of molestation. Jackson was later acquitted of all charges.

It’s quite interesting to note the way the media has all but totally ignored any of Jackson’s humanitarian works in favor of wall-to-wall coverage of negative (or what they think is negative) Jackson news.

It is never breaking news that he’s been cited by some organization for his humanitarian efforts. The collective media never cut regular programming for wall-to-wall coverage featuring a slew of people talking about how much money he’s given to various charities around the world, or about how much he deserves a {tag Nobel Peace Prize}.

According to Veronica, Jackson deserves a Nobel Peace Prize nomination because he has used his life to "spread the message of world peace" and "make the world a better place".  Jackson has donated 300 million dollars to charity, she says, and has been involved in numerous charity events around the world.

"Michael Jackson is a serious candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize and I wish more people would realize that.  No, he’s not a politician in a grey, pin-striped suit, but he is a messenger of peace, and has been an inspiration of love and to make the world a better place for millions of people for decades," she says.

When asked if Jackson or his team were aware of the group’s efforts, she reports that they have received some feedback from Jackson family spokesperson Angel Howansky and Michael Jackson’s spokesperson Raymone Bain thanking them for their voluntary effort.

Though the group has info about Jackson’s good deeds, they are currently looking for more information regarding his numerous humanitarian efforts.

The Nobel Peace Prize Project has set up an online petition for interested people to sign here: http://www.petitionspot.com/petitions/mjfornobelpeaceprize .

Information about the Nobel project can be found at the Nobel Project’s myspace page (www.myspace.com/thenobelproject ).  Among the data, the site notes that the group has been working on the project for two years.

The Nobel Prize awards arose from the wealth of Alfred Nobel who left most of his money to the establishment of the Nobel Prize to honor men and women for "outstanding achievements" around the world in the areas of medicine, literature, chemistry, physics and humanitarian works.

Every year, invitations from the Nobel Committee are sent to professors, scientists and members of academies all over the world asking them to submit candidates for the Nobel Prize. Thus, a nomination is nothing to take lightly.

2004 Humanitarian AwardJackson was previously nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize in 1998 and in 2003.  He has also been presented with various humanitarian awards including one in Washington, DC in 2004 for his efforts in fighting AIDS in Africa.

But, of course there were not 2,000 reporters falling all over themselves to cover it, though, in the same way they covered the trial when prosecutors were presenting ridiculous allegations in court against him.

Probably the only reason why anyone outside of Jackson fans knew about the Washington event was because it happened right in the midst of the most recent false molestation allegations scandal.

__Other Projects?__
Other projects Veronica is interested in include getting the eyeopening book Michael Jackson Conspiracy by {tag Aphrodite Jones} translated and on the shelves in Norwegian book stores.  Michael Jackson Conspiracy is based on the testimony and evidence presented at the 2005 trial.

The book is a devastating presentation of everything from the flippant attitude of the accuser on the stand, to the numerous inconsistent accusations made, to the way Martin Bashir lied while interviewing the superstar for that infamous "Bashir documentary".


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