Documents Show Notice of Default Withdrawn

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Recent reports are again getting into Michael Jackson’s personal finances.This time, its the Jackson family home in Encino, CA.

While most news sites are picking up the story about possible late payments, many often leave out a very telling line in the Associated Press’s original report.

From the report dated titled "Records: Jackson Late on Home Payments":

Documents dated Feb. 7 show the notice of default was withdrawn.
(see AP article )

So apparently Jackson isn’t flat broke like we are supposed to believe because something is getting paid on the property, even though he has a bunch of grown siblings who could be kicking in some cash to pay for the family home as well. 

Why is this a big deal? Who knows. Why is any of Jackson’s personal financial details subject to public scrutiny? 

I just think if someone is going to snatch a story, they should snatch the whole story.


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