Chris Brown Opens Up About His Relationship With Rihanna

Chris Brown has admitted his relationship with Rihanna is "growing." Chris has opened up about his blossoming romance with the ‘Umbrella’ singer, revealing his mother Joyce has bonded with 20-year-old Rihanna.

Chris said: "Our relationship is growing. We started off as friends and we’re getting a little bit closer now. My mom is real cool about it all. They both have light skin with green eyes, so."

Ne-Yo Gets Approval From Michael Jackson For Tribute Track

Ne-Yo is hard at work on his third album, Year of the Gentleman, and if you’ve paid attention to his releases, there’s a theme that is constant on each of them — his love for music icon, Michael Jackson, is always present.

The R&B singer-songwriter is a huge MJ fan, and is currently working with the King of Pop. When he played a track, in which he pays homage to Jackson, the pop icon loved it.

Not-so-breaking-news: Feldman and Haim not Molested by Jackson – Bullet #329

Breaking news: Neither Corey Feldman nor Corey Haim were abused by Michael Jackson. Why in hell is this news, you ask? It’s because a few numbnut online entities wildly speculated about who Feldman’s mystery abuser was after an ambiguous advertisement for their reality show aired recently.

Since these few lunkheads already hate Michael Jackson and already know of Feldman’s prior friendship to Jackson, of course he HAD to be the one? Right? Right?? Wrong.

Martin Bashir Diagnosed with Brain Tumor

TV interviewer Martin Bashir, famed for his chats with Princess Diana and Michael Jackson, is reportedly suffering from a brain tumour.

The 45-year-old former Panorama presenter has a tumour growing on his pituitary gland but plans "to get on with his life".

The condition, being monitored by doctors, was found after he suffered a serious blow to the head last month.