TVXQ Wins 3: Bonsang, Daesang, YEPP awards at Golden Disk

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Congratulations go out to TVXQ (DBSK, Dong Bang Shin Ki) after winning 3 more awards following the massively successful release of their newest album Mirotic. This time the group of five took home some major prizes at the 2008 Golden Disk Awards.


The three awards include a Bonsang Top Artist award and the Disk Daesang, which is based on album sales and is known as one of two of of the most prestigious Golden Disk awards. To even qualify for the Daesang, an artist has to win a Bonsang award.

VIDEO of TVXQ winning Daesang :


At the awards show, TVXQ performed the upbeat dance track ‘Are You A Good Girl’ and the changed version of the song ‘Mirotic’ as fans screamed in the crowd.

The 5 also took home the YEPP Inkisang Popularity Award for the most popular artist this year.

TVXQ ‘s Mirotic was released at the end of September and has sold almost (if not already) half a million copies (500,000); almost 4 times more than any of their competitors. In comparison, typical album sales for the best/hottest groups in South Korea is anywhere from 100,000 – 190,000 copies.

Recently featured on the FUSE TV’s Excellent Adventure with Nate Jackson, the fandom around TVXQ was readily apparent. The show initially aired Dec 2 2008. Some 400+ people have left comments at about the Asian Music Festival show featuring TVXQ.


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