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RUMOR: MJ and BGT’s Diversity?

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Another day, another rumor about what Michael Jackson’s London shows will contain!

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This one involves alleged talks for Britain’s Got Talent winners ‘Diversity’ to, in some way, be involved.

However, the trouble with this ‘news’ is that, according to UK magazine (tabloid?) New Magazine, Simon Cowell is trying to use this to get a deal with Jackson.

Supposedly Cowell wants to use the group’s participation to squeeze out an appearance from Jackson on one of his shows.

Seriously, if this is even remotely true, why does Cowell feel like he’s in a position to be bargaining with Diversity in this way? Either they will do the show or not, but he shouldn’t be trying to cut side deals with their future.

This is could be a huge opportunity for them. Isn’t this whoring-out their future to get Michael Jackson? Hum… maybe that’s too strong a statement. Maybe not.  What do you think?

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