Tributes to Michael Jackson Making Me Bitter? – Bullet #333

In the midst or retrospectives and tributes, I find myself still a bit too bitter to cry over some of these public Michael Jackson tributes.

Maybe it’s just me but my concern is two-fold. Stars and regular folk alike are publicly expressing their love for Michael Jackson’s music now.  Media are also paying a modicum of attention to things of which they so thoroughly ignored for at least the past 15 years.

What is drawing my ire is the larger scale of what’s going on now after Michael Jackson’s death with the increased interest in his music and skyrocketing music sales.

As fans, observers and/or social commentators, he knew we existed before he died. He knew we loved, adored, cared, and/or supported him BEFORE he left this world.



Jackson Ruling Charts All Over the World – Bullet #332

Apparently people are beginning to remember how brilliant Michael Jackson’s music is after he has passed on. Just in the nick of time, huh? Excuse the snark.

Retailers can’t keep Jackson’s albums on the shelves and continue to report sellouts of everything Michael Jackson related. Many report it’s not Jackson’s generation that’s driving sales, but rather, the younger crowd are snatching up Jackson merchandise left and right.

Breaking records even now, at Billboard Jackson has the top 3 best selling albums in the country with “Thriller” being #1, “The Essential Michael Jackson” at #2, and “Number Ones” coming in at #3 this week.

It is the first time in history, according to Billboard, an older album outsold the number one new album in the country.