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Apparently people are beginning to remember how brilliant Michael Jackson’s music is after he has passed on. Just in the nick of time, huh? Excuse the snark.

Retailers can’t keep Jackson’s albums on the shelves and continue to report sellouts of everything Michael Jackson related. Many report it’s not Jackson’s generation that’s driving sales, but rather, the younger crowd are snatching up Jackson merchandise left and right.

Breaking records even now, at Billboard Jackson has the top 3 best selling albums in the country with “Thriller” being #1, “The Essential Michael Jackson” at #2, and “Number Ones” coming in at #3 this week.

It is the first time in history, according to Billboard, an older album outsold the number one new album in the country.

From the NY Times July 1 report:
“The level of dominance by Michael Jackson on the top pop catalog albums chart is unlike anything we’ve ever seen on any Billboard chart, regardless if it occurred pre- or post-death,” said Silvio Pietroluongo, Billboard’s director of charts.

Because of the way Billboard treats albums over a certain age, they can’t appear on the Billboard 200 chart. But make no mistake about it, Jackson is a top selling artist in the nation at the moment.

If that weren’t record-breaking enough, Michael Jackson has become the first artist to ever sell 2 million digital downloads in a single week. 2.6 million, according to Nielsen SoundScan preliminary numbers.

“The Essential Michael Jackson” is the #1 Top Digital Album. As a matter of fact, Michael Jackson holds 4 of the Top 5 Digital albums in the country, and 6 of the Top 10 Digital albums


“Billie Jean” is the #1 ringtone in the nation according to Billboard’s Hot Ringtone chart.

American radio airplay of Michael Jackson’s music is off the scales. By June 29, airplay of Jackson’s songs increased by over 1,700 percent.

In Australia, 3 of the top 5 albums belong with Michael Jackson: #1 “The Essential Michael Jackson”, #2 Number Ones, and #3 “Thriller”.

Jackson has 15 albums in the Top 100 in Australia.

Australian Albums sales:
1 The Essential Michael Jackson
2 #1’s
3 Thriller
7 King of Pop
19 Off The Wall
24 Dangerous
28 Bad
48 HIStory Book 1
55 Invincible
60 The Very Best of Michael Jackson with the Jackson Five
66 The Jacksons – Can You Feel It, Jacksons Collection
78 The Jacksons – The Essential Jacksons
79 The Jacksons – The Very Best of The Jacksons and the Jackson 5
87 Bad/Dangerous
99 The Jackson 5 – Gold
*credit Pez

A staggering 34 of the Top 100 songs in Australia are all Michael Jackson tunes.

Australian Singles sales:
3 Thriller
6 Black Or White
7 Billie Jean
8 Man In The Mirror
13 The Way You Make Me Feel
14 Ben
16 Smooth Criminal
17 Beat It
21 Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough
22 You Are Not Alone
27 Bad
30 Heal The World
36 Rock With You
40 Remember The Time
41 Can You Feel It
43 ABC
44 Blame It On The Boogie
45 They Don’t Care About Us
52 I Want You Back
53 Wanna Be Starting Something
63 Give In To Me
64 Dirty Diana
65 You Rock My World
70 Will You Be There
71 Scream/Childhood
77 Earth Song
80 Thriller megamix
84 I’ll Be There
86 Human Nature
88 I Can’t Stop Loving You
93 The Girl Is Mine
95 Stranger In Moscow
97 She’s Out Of My Life
98 P.Y.T.
*credit Pez

Half of Top 10 Music DVDs belong to Michael Jackson with “Number Ones” coming in a #1, “HIStory Volume 1/2” at #5, “HIStory Vol 1” at #6, “Dangerous: The Short Films” rising to #8, and “History Vol 2” placing at #10.

In the UK, 5 of the Top 10 Albums in the country belong to Michael Jackson. “The Essential Michael Jackson” coming in at #1. View list below:
1  The Essential MICHAEL JACKSON (69329)
3  Number Ones MICHAEL JACKSON (56475)
5  King Of Pop MICHAEL JACKSON (26835)
6  Thriller MICHAEL JACKSON (23656)
10 Off The Wall MICHAEL JACKSON (17950)

The UK Top 50 Music DVDs are also dominated by Michael Jackson. “Moonwalker” taking the top spot. #2 is the “Number Ones” DVD, while “Live in Bucharest” snatches the #3 spot. 

Here’s the chart:

001  Moonwalker MICHAEL JACKSON
002  Number Ones MICHAEL JACKSON
003  Live in Bucharest – The Dangerous Tour MICHAEL JACKSON
008  History 1 & 2 MICHAEL JACKSON
009  History on Film – VOL 2 MICHAEL JACKSON SMV
011  Video Greatest Hits – HISTORY MICHAEL JACKSON
050  The Trial & Triumph of The King of Pop MICHAEL JACKSON
*credit bobmoo79

In Sweden, Michael Jackson has 5 of the Top 20 songs and 13 songs in the Top 50. A few days after his passing, 5 of the Top 20 Songs in Norway belonged to Michael Jackson.

According to the Irish Recorded Music Association, 5 of the Top 20 songs and 16 of the Top 50 songs are Michael Jackson tunes.


4 of the top 5 albums, 7 of the Top 20 albums in Ireland all belong to Michael Jackson.


In Spain the #2 album is “King of Pop”. Even the top album in Poland is “Michael Jackson Thriller 25th Anniversary edition”.

And those are just a few countries. Jackson’s music is at or near the top in countries all over the world.

The internet is no different.  For example, at amazon.com, all 10 of the Best selling items on the Bestsellers list belong to Michael Jackson.


1 Off the Wall
2 Michael Jackson 25th Anniversary of Thriller
3 Bad
4 Number Ones
5 Michael Jackson: The Ultimate Collection
6 Dangerous
7 The Essential Michael Jackson
8 The Ultimate Collection ~ Jackson 5
9 Michael Jackson Vol 1 Greatest Hits History
10 Invincible

Similarly, all 5 of the top 5 best selling Music Video  & Concerts at amazon.com belong to Michael Jackson.


1 Michael Jackson – Video Greatest Hits HIStory
2 Michael Jackson – History on Film, Vol 2
3 Michael Jackson: Live in Bucharest
4 Michael Jackson – Dangerous: The Short Films
5 Number Ones

Such a shame not enough people paid attention to the music while Michael Jackson was alive and could readily appreciate such an outpouring of respect which was so begrudgingly withheld from him during his lifetime.

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