Memorial UPDATE: 1.2+ Million Registrations, Half a billion Hits in 1st hour

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As of 5:50PM EST, CNN is reporting that over 1.2 million people have registered to get tickets to the memorial for Michael Jackson which will be held on July 7 2009.

Yesterday, MSNBC reported 524,000 people so far have registered to be put into a drawing to get tickets to his memorial service. And that was the count at 5:30pm Friday. Only 17,000 people will be able to get free tickets, though.

Organizers say the site received half a billion (that’s billion with a ‘B’) hits in the first hour after the announcement.

The site, www.staplescenter.com, had so much traffic that it crashed.

The people behind the Neverland Ranch media tours also released a statement saying that no more media will be allowed in from July 3 until the scheduled memorial service for Michael Jackson on July 7 (7-7).

The memorial service is scheduled to be broadcast on tv and streamed online.

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